How Students Are Holding Virtual Proms


Kendall Kleinman

The photo shows a moment that Kendall Kleinman captured during her virtual prom with fellow senior Katia Fuller. “Initially I was a little bummed about prom being cancelled because I had already bought my dress, but I realized in the grand scheme of things this is a small loss,” Kleinman said.

Avery Clifford, Staff Writer

 Prom is one of the most looked forward to events during high school and to have that taken away in the matter of a month prior to it occuring can be heartbreaking. This has been the reality for thousands of seniors across the country. 

The process of buying a dress or a tux can be exhilarating as can waiting for that special someone to prompose. Although how everyone is dealing with these uncertain times may be different, everyone knows that they are going through the same things together even if they are apart.

Some students decided that a virtual prom would be better than none at all. They held them through Zoom and Facetime. Students got all dressed up and had a fun mini-prom with some close friends. 

Kendall Kleinman, senior, is missing her senior prom due to COVID-19. She decided to hold a virtual prom with her longtime best friend Katia Fuller. “I had virtual prom just with my friend Katia Fuller over facetime, we ate ice cream like we would have done at actual prom and we both wore fancy prom dresses (but no shoes lol),” Kleinman said. “I think it was nice just to do it with Katia because she’s been my best friend since 6th grade so it was a little celebration of our friendship and how we’ve stuck together. I don’t think I would do it again because once was enough.”

“Katia and I decided to do it kind of as a joke originally, just because we wanted to see each other’s prom dresses,” Kleinman said. “And I didn’t wait until [ we could do it in] person because we probably won’t have one in person. Best part of virtual prom was getting dressed up, it was a nice change from wearing sweats 24/7. Worst part was not being able to actually be with my friends.”

Along with students holding virtual proms, a number of celebrities have held or participated in virtual prom events. John Krasinski, who played the role of Jim in the TV show “The Office,” held a live virtual prom via live stream on Youtube. He had the role of the senior prom DJ. He was joined by a bevy of other celebrities, including his fellow “The Office” star Rainn Wilson and musicians like Billie Eilish, Chance The Rapper, and the Jonas Brothers. They even held an after party on instagram live hosted by Dj D-Nice. They tried to keep it as traditional as possible and tried to make it feel like a real prom with everyone in their nicest clothes.

Some people even posted promposals to make it feel a little more normal. A mother of a high school senior dressed up in her own senior prom dress to ask her senior daughter to attend John Krasinski’s prom with her. Krasinski then reposted it and said “Thank you ALL for being a part of the most DIY prom in history!!!  #SGNProm !!!  And if you wanna see how life is really done head over to the after party with my hero @dnice on Instagram live!!!!”.