PIAA Fall Sports Vote

Jarod Leynes, Sports Editor

In the wake of school starting, there was one question on every athlete’s mind, would there be any fall sports? A hectic start of the school only amplified these athlete’s questions, “Would there be football? What about soccer?”

Finally, the PIAA had a vote, on what was to happen to fall sports for them to happen and in a resounding vote of 25-5. The board of directors announced that fall sports will be in a full go operation, and now it is just up to the schools for their announcements and rosters, as well as the schedules for their respective teams. 

With that being said, it was also announced that fans would not be allowed into these games., but if they do change their minds on that then it won’t be at full capacity just a small percentage of people will be able to go to the stadiums and watch their teams play. For the students, who are fans, this is not fun because going to sporting events is a part of the high school culture., 

The upside is that the seniors would be able to have a senior season, allowing them to play in their last year, and new up and comers would get a shot to challenge for a starting position. The fact that high school sports are returning may not be so amazing to hear for some people, but for the athletes themselves, it will be an opportunity for them to showcase their athletic ability. Allowing them a possible chance to show themselves off to colleges,  making all the difference. As well as just having a senior night for these kids would mean a lot to them. These senior athletes work hard for 4 years and if they don’t have a senior night it would be heartbreaking for them, and their parents after putting in so much effort.