How the NBA has Dealt with Change


The Milwaukee Bucks stadium has very few people in sight, only the referees, and some of the Miami Heat team.

Matt Allison, Staff Writer

The Milwaukee Bucks, who had a chance to clinch their first-round playoff series against the Orlando Magic boycotted the game and decided to not go to the court for their game on Aug. 31. Hours before this game, Jacob Blake was shot by law enforcement in Kenosha, right outside of Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Bucks decided to boycott the game to speak up against police brutality and hate crimes.

“Change is coming,” Orlando guard Michael Carter-Williams said. He was in full support of the league’s decisions despite being on another team.

The NBA is in a bubble that doesn’t allow for communication to the public unless it is portrayed by the media. The Bucks took the lead for this movement, which would later impact the entire sports community and news stations all over. This season, an average NBA playoff game has had between five-hundred thousand and one million views. After the Bucks to boycott this game, commentator Kenny Smith and analyst Chris Webber, both hall of fame members, spoke and provided their heartfelt support for the protesting players. The Bucks management, players, and office were all glad that they came together as a team and got the whole country’s attention.  

Since the boycott, leagues such as the WNBA, MLB, and the MLS decided to postpone games, feeling that they should step up for action as well.  

Not only did the NBA speak out about the boycott, but they are now advising people to vote. The Houston Rockets center announced that their court would turn into an early in-person voting center. Right after this happened, numerous teams including the 76ers, Celtics, Thunder, and others, decided to open their stadiums for early voting. After the political debate, the NBA’s signs which said “Whole New Game” just got replaced with signs which say “Vote.”  

Lakers star player Lebron James spoke up about the conversations the NBA’s actions were sparking. 

“The conversations that are being had right now, how many people are really listening, I think that’s progress. We’ve got a long way to go,” James said. James realized the amount of influence that he has on his fan base and is hopeful for the future of the NBA and the U.S.

The NBA has been promoting and supporting players and teams that are expressing their beliefs. With averaging over 20 million viewers for the NBA finals, the league will be able to allow their messages and actions reach a large audience. As a community, we are looking forward to seeing what the NBA and players have in store for us both in terms of game-plays and current issues.