15 Favorites to do in Fall


Photo/Natalie Pearson

The pumpkin patch at Way Fruit farm is busy but not crowded as a new tractor pulls up carrying Centre County residents preparing to pick pumpkins for the fall holidays. The patch will be open on Fridays and Saturdays for the majority of October.

Natalie Pearson, Staff Writer

Now that it is officially Autumn, leaves have started to fall and pumpkins are popping up on neighboring porches. The question of “What to do with friends?” has started to come up. Here are my top 15 things to do this fall, quarantine friendly, of course:

1. Pick pumpkins: With spooky season not too far off, picking pumpkins is the perfect fall activity. Way Fruit Farm is continuing its wagon rides to the pumpkin patch in a safe COVID-friendly way. Anyone riding the wagon has to reserve a seat and wear a mask on the ride.

2. Visit a corn maze: Exploring a corn maze with friends is an easy way to celebrate Halloween. Most corn mazes, including the one at Harner Farm, are filled with jump scares and spooky surprises. Going to a corn maze is an easy way to occupy a boring night in a festive way.

3. Roast s’mores in a backyard fire: With the air getting colder and the pandemic still here, hanging out with friends has become challenging. Sitting around a campfire would be the perfect thing to keep you and your friends warm and still socially distanced. And there’s a delicious bonus: toasted marshmallows packed in s’mores.

4. Go on a hike: Nature hikes are fun all year round, but the colorful leaves and crisp fall air make them even better. A hike up Mt. Nittany or Musser Gap to see the view of Happy Valley painted with fall colors is the perfect activity for a fall weekend.

5. Have a pumpkin carving or painting party: If you’ve ever gotten pumpkins, you know how fun it is to carve or paint them. Instead of decorating alone, inviting some friends to have a backyard pumpkin party is a great way to get in the festive fall spirit. If people bring their own pumpkins, carving tools, and wear a mask, a pumpkin party is just as safe (and fun) during a pandemic.

6. Go on a nature walk with friends: With school back in session, everyone has to stay seated for hours on end, and many aren’t getting the exercise they need. Going on a walk before or after school to admire the changing leaves could be a good reason to get out of the house.

7. Go apple picking: Now that it’s fall, apples are ready to be picked. Going to pick fresh apples with your friends would be the perfect fall adventure. An added bonus are the delicious apples that can be baked into a pie or eaten on their own.

8. Decorate your room for fall: Decorating your bedroom with some small gourds or a festive banner could bring some fall spirit to your room. Many farm stands are selling little pumpkins for only a few dollars. Adding festive lights and cute fall decor to your room could change it up and bring in some festive fun.

9. Go Trick-or-Treating: Though it may pose a risk, trick-or-treating will still occur in many neighborhoods surrounding State College. Trick-or-treaters will need to wear a mask and people handing out candy will have to leave it out on the porch instead of directly handing it to people. The trick-or-treat date for now, though it may change, is Thursday, Oct. 29, from 6-8 p.m.

10. Find a cozy spot and read a book: As it gets colder outside, the urge to stay in increases. Grab a book from the library, a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate, and find a comfy spot to read to pass the time of a cold afternoon.

11. Support or play a fall sport: Find a friend who plays a fall sport to support during this difficult time. Checking with friends to see if their sport is allowing spectators is an easy way to show you care. Those who want to attend need to fill out a form.

12. Bake a pie: With apples and pumpkins in season, it’s the perfect time to bake a pie. Especially during these difficult times, maintaining traditions is still important for many families, and a classic apple pie is certainly a fall tradition.

13. Plan a fall surprise for a friend: While school is technically back in person, many students have opted for online learning. Preparing a surprise for a friend could cheer them up after a boring day at home. Baking a desert or dropping off a fall-themed gift could make someone’s day.

14. Meet your friends for a fall picnic: Despite the cold, a socially-distanced fall picnic with friends could still be a fun activity. Fresh air, warm drinks, and some friends could add some fun to your day.

15. Get something pumpkin spice flavored: For many, one of the first things that comes to mind when hearing “fall” is pumpkin spice. Many restaurants have started to have their fall foods available. In fall you can’t go wrong with pumpkin spice!

As the fall weather blows in, the way we hang out with friends has to change. We can’t spend as much time outside. Making time to hangout amid school and extracurriculars is becoming a challenge. Though we may not have as much time to spend with friends, maintaining connections is still important, so use these 15 ideas to come up with classic–and not so classic–quarantine safe fall activities with friends.