State High vs Cumberland Valley Football


Photo/Max Duverneuil

State High is gathered at Memorial Field, in State College, for State College’s first and last home football game of the season.  This game included senior night, which provides an experience to remember the team’s seniors as they will take their last regular season game at their home field.

Matt Allison, Staff Writer

The State College Area High School Little Lions took a dominant win over Cumberland Valley, 31-0, on Friday, Oct. 9. Winning over Cumberland Valley gave State High their first win of the season, making their record 1-1.

The football game garnered a lot of attention around State College, getting the most from State High. State High’s Senior Class Senate decided to hold drive-in so that students could watch the game. The drive-in was on the north parking lot’s turf field, where a large projector streamed the home football game for the fans. With a maximum capacity of 250 people, social distancing and mask-wearing were enforced. 

Students get ready to watch the football game, just before it becomes dark. All the students are spaced out six feet apart, and over 10 students attended. (Photo/Matt Allison)

All home football games have a theme, and this game was no exception. The theme for this game was a white-out.

After technical difficulties displaying the game, State College was winning 14-0 in the middle of the first quarter. 

“It was a blowout from the beginning,” junior Jake LeVan said, after seeing the score when the game finally turned on.  

LeVan and much of the crowd were disappointed not being able to see the first two touchdowns. 

At halftime, State College was up 21-0. Cumberland Valley would have to be on their a-game coming into the 2nd half if they wanted to pull out a win. At halftime, all the students left the facility. Some went to Memorial Field to watch the game live while most students went home and called it a night.  

“The game was really fun to watch but it didn’t help that it was a blowout game. The crowd was not energetic but it was still fun in the end,” senior Zach Orndorff said.

While the planned drive-in movie did not play out as well as students thought it would, it worked out in the end. The event built a sense of school spirit among watchers, bringing the community of State High and the surrounding areas together.