New To Netflix This Month


Photo/Quinn Colburn

December means bad weather and Christmas movies. Now, with Netflix releasing new titles by the day, it’s easy to fall into a routine of simply pulling out your phone or computer for a few hours of escape.

Quinn Colburn, Staff Writer

As we transition into December, the weather isn’t the only thing changing. Netflix uses each new month to add several new films and TV series to their selection, and this month is no different. In their attempts to provide a little something for everyone, you’ll find recurring seasons of preexisting TV shows, holiday-themed movies, recently released films, and more arriving during December. 

Now that December has arrived, many holidays come with it, meaning it’s time to bust out the Christmas movies. “Angela’s Christmas Wish” is a TV-Y rated animated film that follows the main character, Angela, and her plan to reunite her family for the holidays. While it appears to be geared more towards young children/ the family-friendly side, sophomore Molly Schreiner is ready for the holiday season and is looking forward to watching it. 

“I am excited to watch Angela’s Christmas Wish so that I’m able to get into the Christmas spirit and watch a new movie,” Schreiner said. Angela’s Christmas Wish is available on Netflix as of Dec. 1. 

For those who aren’t into the animated Christmas movie scene, but are still looking for something holiday-themed, season one of “The Holiday Movies That Made Us” arrived to Netflix on Dec. 1. This Netflix original docu-series digs deep into the stories behind several iconic Christmas movies, with exclusive interviews and behind the scenes. It is rated TV-PG, making it a fun, interesting, and appropriate pick to watch with family during this time of year. Freshman Katie Uhl, a big fan of the holiday season, agrees. 

“I think it would be interesting to learn about the background of some of my favorite holiday and Christmas movies,” Uhl explained.

This series not only feeds into the obsession with holidays and holiday spirit many tend to have, but it’s also a docu-series, meaning you can technically say that you learned something; I say that’s a win-win. 

While Uhl is interested in watching The Holiday Movies That Made Us, what excites her the most is the upcoming season of “The Great British Baking Show: Holidays. In this Netflix Original series, competitors from past seasons of “The Great British Baking Show” bake Christmas themed goods before judges Paul Hollywood & Prue Leith. Personally, the British accents are really what keep me intrigued.

“I love watching this show with my mom and it’s something that we can do together,” Uhl said. “We have watched all of the previous seasons as well.” 

Luckily for Uhl and any others who may be interested in watching (possibly for something other than their accents), the third holiday-themed season of “The Great British Baking Show” came out on Dec. 4. 

If holiday movies don’t bring as much joy to you as they do others, Netflix has several other new titles to look forward to. “The Prom,” which came to Netflix on Dec. 10, features a group of ill-fated Broadway stars who shake up a small town in Indiana in an attempt to recreate a teenage girl’s prom after it was canceled. However, any hype for this musical-turned-movie may just be stemming from the big names that star in it. Freshman Tate Colburn is looking forward to watching this movie. 

“My family and I want to watch this movie together,” Colburn said, “so I’m excited about watching that too.”  

However, Colburn explained that “I’m most excited about “The Midnight Sky” because George Clooney stars in it and he’s one of my favorite actors.” 

In this title, Clooney stars as a lone scientist in the Arctic racing to warn a crew of astronauts not to return to Earth. This post-apocalyptic saga will be available on Netflix on December 23rd. 

A few other December titles include part three of Mr. Iglesias,” which released on Dec. 8. Gabriel Iglesias, a comical high school teacher, attempts to make a change in the lives of a few intelligent students falling short of their potential. There is always more room for another nothing-special-about-it-sitcom looking to provide humor for all ages. 

In “Giving Voice,” Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, and more discuss playwright August Wilson’s legacy as six student actors prepare for the August Wilson Monologue competition, leading up to an intense final round on Broadway. The award-winning documentary became available to Netflix users on Dec. 11. What stands out is the authenticity in the way they depict the teenage actors in this ode to theatre kids. 

Arriving on Netflix on December 18th, Viola Davis and the late Chadwick Boseman star in this adaptation of August Wilson’s play. In “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom,” (Rated R) tensions rise when fierce blues singer Ma Rainey joins her band for a recording session in 1927 at a Chicago music studio. The incredible acting is what is said to have made the film such a fine adaptation of August Wilson’s play. 

For any spooky thriller fans, “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” returns with season four on Dec. 31. This TV horror series features Sabrina, half-human half-witch, navigating between her mortal teen life and the legacy of her family, the Church of Night. This thrilling mix of a half uniform teenage life and half-bewitched-life sounds like yet another Netflix show to binge-watch over the span of a week and never speak of again. Any fans of “The Originals,” “The Vampire Diaries,” “The Umbrella Academy,” or others like them may find themselves content with watching “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.” 

Now that November has slid by and it’s time for cold-weathered-December, we’re all looking forward to the excuse to stay inside. Fortunately, Netflix has exploited this opportunity and brought in several new titles, and hopefully at least one will excite you. Plus, I think we can all be grateful that none of these titles include yet another season of “Fuller House.”