The Versatility of Converse


Photo/Dianna Halloran

Dianna Halloran’s two-year-old pair of Converse All Stars still goes with any outfit and can be worn anytime. State College, PA, Friday, Jan. 8, 2021.

Adam Lieb, Staff Writer

The Chuck Taylor All Star from Converse has been around for decades. My parents wore them, we’re wearing them, and there’s a good chance our kids will be too. There’s a good reason for it, though. The Chuck Taylor is the most versatile shoe in the modern fashion world. 

To begin with, you can beat them up as much as you want. Everyone has seen a pair of dirty Converse shoes, the white canvas stained beyond cleaning, and the rubber toe box scuffed. It’s not an uncommon sight. Some shoes weren’t meant to get dirty such as your $300 Yeezy Boost 350. However, no one’s going to hate on your destroyed Converse, because every bit of it tells the story of how you’re not afraid to live life. You don’t fear the wild outdoors and you know how to have a good time; that’s reflected in your footwear.  

On the contrary, a pair of Converse with the laces flat and the white canvas still pristine isn’t bad either. They perfectly complement a simple outfit and show that you care about your shoes.

The issue of leaving the house in the morning and having to bring multiple pairs of shoes with you because you don’t have one pair of shoes that does it all is growing more and more prominent in today’s world where you have to do it all. The All Stars solve that problem. No longer do you have to bring shoes for school and then shoes to play basketball in later. Chuck Taylors were originally basketball shoes.

For those needing extra support in the arches, the Chuck 70 is a clear solution. Looking almost exactly the same as the All Star except for a cream-colored sole and a black star on the logo patch instead of blue, it pays homage to the original Converse while also offering high-tech advancements such as “cotton canvas, high rubber siding and a more cushioned footbed,” says  

You don’t have to feel forced into the black and white mold either. Want to express yourself? Take advantage of the other colorways Converse offers of the shoe and the Chuck 70 including, but not limited to, pink, navy blue, red, charcoal, electric purple, and even the option to design your own. Love Tyler, the Creator? Buy his collab with Converse. Maybe you’re a big fan of Comme des Garçons clothing and you want some shoes to match. They’ve got a collab with Converse too. Bugs Bunny has graced the heel of the All Stars, there have been holiday-themed shoes, a quilted material instead of canvas, even a pair of fuzzy shoes named “Sherpa,” and that’s just naming a few. It doesn’t take much looking to find many more unique styles.

Your Converse will keep you moving through every type of weather and keep your feet comfortable no matter what you’re doing, all while keeping you looking stylish and from having to worry whether your shoes are clean or dirty. So next time you’re looking for a new shoe, consider going over to the Converse website and checking out the Chuck Taylor All Star or the Chuck 70.