Humans of State High

“I think overall, my biggest goal is to do something that makes me happy because I don’t wanna be stuck doing something that I feel trapped in, even if it is financially good, you know what I mean? ‘Cause like […] I feel like a lot of times you kind of have this societal expectation where it’s like, ‘you need to be super successful and live in a huge house, and […] have a big family and tons of land!’ And I’m like, ‘what if I just want to live in an apartment with a cat for the rest of my life?’ And it’s like […] I do want to impact people, but I think personally I don’t really need to be super out there in order to do that. […] ‘Cause I think a life lived for other people is not a life truly lived, because you need to live for yourself. You only get one shot at life […] and you kind of need to, you know, be comfortable and happy with where you’re going. Even if it defies the people around you where maybe you have, you know, familial expectations telling you the same thing, and you’re like, ‘eh, no thanks,’ — and yes, this is me talking about myself. […] I think my end goal is to do something that I will enjoy, even if it’s hard at first, but in the end, if I’m living the life that I’m happy with, then I’ll be okay.”

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