Athletes Eager to Begin Track Season


Photo/Halle Rager

Pictured are banana hurdles. These hurdles are used during practice to improve knee height, control feet movements, and work on the dorsa flex while running.

Halle Rager, Staff Writer

The State High Indoor Track and Field team has started back up again. COVID-19 had gotten in the way of their 2020 spring season, leaving many athletes in saddened states. Now things are looking brighter, the excitement of having a season can be felt throughout the school. 

As for sophomore Victoria Walker,  it had been forever since she stepped out onto the track. She took the responsibility of running on her own to maintain fitness. Now that she’s back together with the sprinters and hurdlers, she’s excited that winter track is starting back up.

“Mostly the training and being around the people,” said Walker, when asked about what she’s looking forward to this season. 

For those who have seen Walker out on the track, they know she has great endurance. Her 200-meter times are phenomenal. Last year she went to several meets, getting good times on all of her 200 meters. Her most memorable was when she got 28.94 seconds, her best time of the season. There was an instance last year during winter track where she had done at least 12 200 meter sprints in a row during practice, still beating those in the lanes next to her.  Walker and fellow athletes have been missing moments like these and are excited to return to the track this season. 

Numerous events are in track and field, ranging from pole vaulting to sprints. Sophomore Alice Gipe is a long-distance runner, taking part in one of the more popular events at State High. Gipe was excited about what was yet to come for the season as well.

“I’m looking forward to running with my friends and improving my overall athletic ability,” Gipe said. 

Walker and Gipe are both excited to see their teammates again and to do self-improvement. There already have been some workouts the coaches wrote out for them and their teams. Things have been going smoothly so far for the track team, and they still have lots to look forward to.  

Recently, Jennifer Evans, the Indoor Girls’ Track and Field coach, sent out an email with exciting news. “As promised, we would like to provide you with an update regarding our athletic competition plan,” Evans wrote. “After consulting with our health and safety team, we have modified our athletic competition plan that’s set to start on Monday, Jan. 11. Going forward, we will be limiting teams to two competitions per week for JV and varsity teams.”

With the news announced to students, things are looking up. Athletes are gearing up and taking their place at the starting line, ready to take on the 2020 track season.