90 Day Fiance: A Series (Part 3)

Pictured on the left is 24 year old Annie Suwan from Beung Khan, Thailand. On the right, 48 year old David Toborosky from Louisville, Kentucky.

David Toborosky/Instagram

Pictured on the left is 24 year old Annie Suwan from Beung Khan, Thailand. On the right, 48 year old David Toborosky from Louisville, Kentucky.

Rija Sabeeh, Features Editor

Hi there. Couldn’t get enough of 90 Day Fiance, could you? Or my articles? Can’t blame you, I do have that effect—and you’re in luck. Fresh off the press, here is the next part in 90 Day Fiance: A Series

After witnessing the hot mess that was Nicole and Azan, you’re probably thinking “There’s no way it can get worse.” Dear reader, take note of this fact: when it comes to 90 Day Fiance, it can, and it always does. Presenting to you the next disaster couple: Annie Suwan and David Toborosky. 

Starting off with their list of problems is what y’all could probably tell yourselves, actually. David, at 48 years old (though he doesn’t look a day younger!), is twice Annie’s age. I’m sure there are some couples that make this work, but these two are not one of them. At his age, you’d expect him to have something to offer. Well, leave it to him to not meet that expectation. He has no car, no job, no money, lives with and mooches off his best friend, and has several kids from previous marriages that he neglects once he divorces their mothers. 

This dude collects red flags like he’s Sergio Ramos. He couldn’t even afford the plane ticket to visit Annie in Thailand. And look, I’m not saying money is everything (hate capitalism!!), but if you are marrying someone from outside the country and bringing them to America, it is generally understood that you are to support them, or at least be trying to figure something out—job hunting, maybe. David does not understand these things. David does not do these things. 

You probably noticed that “their list of problems” was basically a rap sheet on David, and that was no coincidence. Annie was possibly the only likable person in the entire show—she was kind, crazy smart, and down to earth. It’s one thing for two horrible people to be horrible to each other, but when it’s one-sided, it gets hard to watch—and yet you’ll find yourself unable to stop. 

Somehow, though, it only gets worse once Annie comes to America. In her first encounter with David’s best friend, Chris, and his wife Nikki, who they are to stay with indefinitely, she is immediately met with both misogyny and racism (double whammy!). Incorporating intersectionality into his offensive comments, Chris asks Annie whether she would be willing to cook and clean for them (this is not an expectation they have for David) and, wait for it, regularly give him Thai massages by their pool. In response, Annie remained polite, though she was clearly uncomfortable. I mean, I felt uncomfortable just typing that. David was not bothered whatsoever. Now, I’m no relationship expert, but I feel like that’s generally not a good sign.

The next day, once again, it got worse. Chris and Nikki held an intimate house party, and David found himself absolutely trashed as he mocked Annie, grinning as she cried. This wasn’t unexpected—on their engagement day, he got drunk and started shouting at her, another instance where he made her cry—but I could barely get through the episode. Their relationship was unhealthy, unstable, and toxic. She stayed with him. Possibly because she felt like she had no other choice—backed into a corner, in a new country, not knowing anybody must have been hard. Also possibly because, as the show progressed, it was clear that she was falling in love with him (no idea why). Despite all the pain he caused and all that he lacked. 

While Azan and Nicole were, for the most part, a humorous tale of two dysfunctional people in an even more dysfunctional relationship, Annie and David served as a cautionary tale of falling in love with the wrong person and feeling like you have no choice but to stay. So far, I’ve only gotten through two couples, and in them, you’ve seen “the worst possible scenario” play out. 90 Day Fiance captures so much more, so much worse, and though it’s sometimes difficult to get through a scene, the show is definitely worth watching.