State High Girls’ Lacrosse: A Team and a Family


Photo/Quinn Colburn

State High Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse team players celebrate a goal against Trinity on Tuesday, Apr. 13. The evening games ended in an 18-8 victory for varsity and a 5-2 loss for junior varsity.

Quinn Colburn, Staff Writer

Despite missing out on the spring 2020 season due to COVID-19, State High Girl’s Lacrosse has managed to stick with it this past year, making up for lost time during the 2021 spring season. Through wins, losses, and ties, the team has still been able to keep a positive environment where players have been able to learn and grow. 

Junior Leah Moyer has been playing lacrosse for ten years, and currently plays at the midfield position on the high school girls’ lacrosse team. She, along with other members of the team, rave about the team being like a second family. 

“One thing I like about playing for the State High Lacrosse team is the family-like atmosphere; some of my closest friends are on the team,” Moyer explained. 

Moyer is not the only member of the team who feels this way: sophomore Bayli Bates has similar feelings about the team.

“The State High Girls’ Lacrosse team is a family, and there is always someone you can talk to and look up to which is something that not every sport gets,” Bates said. “Everyone is very inclusive and helpful!” 

An atmosphere like the one Moyer and Bates have described is an incredibly important aspect in the world of team sports, as a positive environment encourages players to play their best game while also having fun. Additionally, close-knit teams tend to perform better as they are more inclined to work better as a team. Freshman Keira Loviscky touched on an environment similar to this when describing the team as well. 

“What I like about the team is how inviting everyone is and how nice and willing everyone is to help each other out. I immediately felt welcomed by the team and the environment is great,” Loviscky explained. 

Another important aspect of team sports is the takeaways and lessons learned from games and practices. Moyer used a tough loss as an example when talking about the atmosphere the team creates around them. . 

The team took a loss to Hershey on April 8th, which was only our third game,” Moyer said. “Personally, I was definitely sad about the loss but happy with how we performed against a team like Hershey. Having an early loss in the season definitely taught the team and myself to keep our heads up and learn from our mistakes.” 

While losing a game early in the season is always difficult, turning the loss into an opportunity to learn and grow from it can prove valuable to players. Bates, a JV player, expanded on a loss against Trinity on Apr. 13 when describing the environment her team fosters.

“From Tuesday’s game I think our biggest takeaway is to remember we are all on the same team,” Bates said. “I think there were definitely some frustrating moments but we are all playing for the same goal. As well as patience and communication was always a big thing we needed to work on as a team. There are always things that need fixing but as a team I know we are ready for our next games.” 

Like Bates explained, it is impossible to play a ‘perfect’ game—there will always be parts that are in need of improvement. Participating in team sports means knowing what players need to work on personally as well as what the team needs to work on together. 

As for Loviscky, the season so far has taught her the importance of learning from her mistakes. A typical life lesson, yet still quite applicable nonetheless. 

“[One] of the takeaways or lessons from the season so far is that it is okay to mess up because you can learn from those mistakes to get better,” Loviscky explained. “That is something that Coach Tara says a lot and it is a very valuable lesson.”

This season, through wins and losses alike, State High Girls’ Lacrosse has maintained a healthy and welcoming atmosphere where players are able to learn and grow. Because of this, the group has become not just an athletic team, but a close-knit family as well.