Battle of the Bands: What’s to come


Becky Mignot

Picture of posters for the competition hung all around the school

Becky Mignot , Staff Writer

Battle of the Bands sounds like something out of a childhood 2000s Disney show. The concert is set to occur on Fri. May 26 and gives the opportunity to live the Disney Channel main character’s dream. 

Battle of the Bands is a competition where different bands perform and the winner is decided by the audience. 

“It is a concert that features student-driven bands that they do on their own that they don’t do in school,” the director of the event, Jim Robison said. The event allows students to play with bands they create themselves and practice outside of school which gives a different type of energy than typical concerts. 

The bands each have to perform two original pieces and one cover, however, it may be cut down to one original and one cover because of the many bands deciding to participate this year. The latest number of bands competing is around ten, with a ten-minute time slot for each band. Previous years have only had three to five bands, so the enthusiasm for this year’s competition has the competition predicted to be long. 

Creating original pieces challenges students to think outside of the box and gives them the opportunity to do something they don’t do in school. Ryan Patcyk, a senior at State High taking part in the competition said “Well, it’s definitely challenging because we are used to rock ensemble, so we are used to cover songs. I take it as a creative challenge and I enjoy it.”

With each band having to write and perform an originally created piece, it gives a different aspect to not only the performers but also the audience, who gets to hear pieces made by the bands specifically for the event. 

The competition allows the bands to showcase different styles and personalities through their music. “It’s different but I like with originals. It gives everyone a unique state and it’s an approach everyone takes differently. There’s all personalities and types of these bands and it really shines there and that’s I think my favorite part,” Patcyk said

Tickets are being sold at the door for $5. The show starts at 7 p.m. and will be a few hours long. The performance is a great opportunity to see many different types of music being performed by people excited to share their own creations. “I love personally performing and creating music but sharing that with other people and other people sharing that with you it’s like a celebration of music especially here,” Patcyk said

So on May 26, grab a few friends and head to the school for a night of incredible music performed by many talented bands.