25 Terrible Moments All State High Students Know to be True

Kyra Gines, freshman, imitates the life of a State High student during AP and finals week.

Caycee Ohl

Kyra Gines, freshman, imitates the life of a State High student during AP and finals week.

Caycee Ohl, Staff Writer

     Everyone’s high school experience is always a full of both the good and bad moments. However, being a student at State High is an experience like no other. The good moments are even better, but the bad moments are much more terrible.  In compliance with a variety of State High students, I have a compiled a list entitled “Terrible Moments at State High that Every Student Knows to be True.”


  1. your lunch account is empty and it’s your second PTO
  2. your school is an active construction zone
  3. your friends steal your Extra gum
  4. the bathroom stall has no lock
  5. you slip on ice crossing the street
  6. the crossing guards make you wait  
  7. you get a tardy for arriving at 8:11
  8. your school doesn’t have a floor
  9. you have 8 minutes to get to class but it takes 10 to cross the street
  10. Jason calls you to the office
  11. you worship Bob O’Donnell in hopes of a snow day
  12. school ends at 3:16 but you don’t get out of the parking lot until 3:45
  13. you walk in your A day class on a B day
  14. you forget your homeroom
  15. the classroom temperatures range from the Tundra to the Sahara Desert
  16. someone forgets deodorant at homecoming
  17. the frozen yogurt machine is broken 
  18. you forget your gym clothes
  19. you have 0/20 community service hours
  20. you have to exit the South building to get to your class in the South building
  21. you have AP exams and finals in the same week
  22. getting a study hall in a classroom
  23. having a study hall at the end of the day as a Senior
  24. your teacher leaving the windows open even though it’s below freezing outside
  25. being absent on turkey bowl day

     Although it is fun to tear our school apart and make fun of all of the things wrong with it, if these our are only issues, we have it pretty well at State High. These twenty-five terrible moments don’t seem as terrible when you’re receiving a high quality education from wholesome teachers while being surrounded by all of your friends. State High junior, Sara Washell, describes the situation perfectly, “I get really heated when the frozen yogurt machine is broken but at the end of the day, I’m here for math class, not fro-yo.”