Swimming and Diving Looking to Make a Splash in the New Season


After the pre-season meeting for swimming and diving, sophomore Aubrey Zuech and head coach Aaron Workman meet to discuss goals for the new season. With a strong team for both girls and boys and a new head coach, the team hoped for an even more successful season than last year. “I think it’s going to be a good season. Different coaches bring out different things in swimmers, so I think there’s a chance we could be more successful [than last year],” Zuech said.

Sarah Ambrose, Staff Writer

On Thursday, November 2nd, State High swimming and diving had a pre-season organizational and informational meeting to get ready for the new season. Spirits were high, with a strong team and a new head coach to change the dynamics of the day to day workouts. “I’m excited with Aaron [Workman] being the coach and being a senior on the team; I feel like it gives me a place to be a leader and lead us to another successful season,” senior Luke Hurley said.

A new head coach is a change many people are looking forward to. Aaron Workman, the new head coach, was an assistant coach for the team last year and took over after the previous head coach left. “ I’ve worked with most of the athletes on the team for a couple of years, so I’m very comfortable [taking over as head coach] and very excited,” Workman said. Sophomore Aubrey Zuech added, “I think it’s going to be different. I think our [workouts] are going to be a lot different this year. But I’m excited to see what [Workman’s] coaching style is.”

Even though many talented seniors graduated last year, the team’s spirits have not been defeated as a talented class of freshmen prepare to take on any challenge. “I’m very excited to meet all the new girls on the team and create new bonds and make it a great season,” senior Paityn Gabany said. “We’ve filled in with probably the most talented freshmen class we’ve had in a long time,” Workman added.

The boys’ team had a 10-0 season last year, won Districts, and came in 4th at States last year, and they are looking for an even better season this year. “We had a really successful season last year and I hope we can continue the momentum we had and win more meets,” Hurley said.

The girls’ team had a successful 7-3 season and also won districts, so spirits are equally as high. “I think every year we have the highest potential possible,” Gabany said. “If everyone believes that we can, then as one, we can do anything that our hearts desire to do.”