Sleeping in with State High


Although most students like the changes some students feel otherwise. Tori Brooks, senior, said,” The old start times were what I’m used to. The whole three years of getting out at 3:16, so now everyday I think it’s time to go but then I have to wait until 3:40. But I like sleeping in until 7:30.” Most students feel that the change has its perks and downsides.

Casey Higgins, Staff Writer

By now, it is known that the school schedule has changed this year. For State High students, first period begins at 8:40 am and the final bell sounds at 3:40 pm. The change was made due to the district administration wanting to make the elementary school days longer, as well as research coming out showing that later start times were very helpful to teenage students.

I think the changes made to the schedule are meant to and will help students. If a student misses class, he or she can make up the work before school, the teachers have more time to plan for their lessons, and students can sleep in a little later. The changes will also help students come to class prepared and well rested. Teachers will also be better prepared for classes and have more time to gather their thoughts.

Science teacher and State College Area Education Association President at the time, Eugene Ruocchio, thought that it would make teachers’ day go better. “During these discussions while I was the president, my main focus was to give elementary teachers more time in their day to take a breath, plan together, and be able to reduce the stress they were feeling in order to make them even better teachers than they already are.”

Wanting to make the day easier for elementary school teachers, and with research showing that later start times benefit teens, the changes were made.

Jacqueline Lawrence, a freshman, felt that the school time change were very beneficial. “I like the new start times a lot because I can sleep in later and not feel so rushed in the morning,” Lawrence said. I would agree with Lawrence when she says she doesn’t feel rushed in the morning. Also, there is more time in the morning to finish up any last minute homework, look over notes, and/or make sure you do not forget anything.

Although the ability to sleep a little longer is nice, I, along with many other students, do find a negative side of the changes. Since the school day runs longer, after school activities are then pushed back, and therefore end later. This means that students get home later and are up doing homework later than previous years.  

Overall, the changes made have impacted the district greatly in what many people think is a positive change for the learning environment. I also think that making the changes was a good decision and will continue to positively affect the lives of students and teachers.