BRGR Comes to State College


Abigail Kann

BRGR, the newest burger restaurant in town, opened on September 9th, 2019. “BRGR has a friendly environment and nightlife vibe,” junior Iyonnah Doss said. You can find BRGR at their location 122 College Avenue next to The State Theatre.

Abigail Kann, Staff Writer

There is a new restaurant in downtown State College. BRGR is known for its gourmet burgers and homemade milkshakes. The restaurant, which branched out from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, opened in place of Citizens Bank which closed in 2016. There are still features from the vaults incorporated in the restaurant. When you walk in, you are greeted with the smell of freshly cooked burgers, a darker atmosphere with hanging light fixtures, and loud music. 

“I like this restaurant,” Dayna Kann, a State High graduate who went to BRGR with me for the first time, said. “It’s got a little bit of a sizzle from the grill in the air. I can actually see it hanging in the air and I can also smell it, it smells like char-grilled burgers. The waiter is nice, it is overall a good atmosphere.”

The menu carries several flavors of milkshakes. They offer 11 types of burgers, including The Impossible Burger, which is made from plants. They also have “Craft Your Own Burger,” or, C.Y.O.B., with many options for what type of meat, bun (including vegan and gluten-free), cheese, sauce, and extras. If you’re craving something other than a burger, BRGR also offers hot dogs, a chicken sandwich, bacon mac n cheese, chicken and waffles, and salads. 

According to Eric Kann, who also went with me to BRGR for the first time, the music selection wasn’t his favorite. “I think they need to be careful,” he said when talking about swear words in some of the songs. When asked what crowd he thought BRGR is most suitable for, he said, “College-age kids, however, there are adults here, too.”

Dayna Kann seemed to agree. “I like the atmosphere, it’s a little loud, but I think for college students it’s probably just right,” Dayna Kann said. 

“Overall I was really pleased with my burger,” Dayna when asked about her burger, said. “It was cooked well and it tasted good,” Dayna ordered the gluten-Free bun because she has a gluten allergy. Luckily, with the gluten-free option, BRGR had her covered!

If you are interested in trying BRGR, they are open until 8:30 p.m. on Sunday nights, 12 a.m. Monday through Wednesday, and 1 a.m. Thursday through Saturday. A new restaurant in State College is always worth trying, and you just might find that you like it. BRGR is a fun place to spend time and eat with family and friends.