Girls’ Field Hockey Celebrates Seniors with a Victory Against Mifflin County


Elly Haushalter

Johannah Lee, junior, carries the ball down the field. Lee scored one of the four goals on the October 2nd victory against Mifflin County. “We are grateful for all they have contributed (on and off the field), and it has been an honor to play with them,” Maddie King, junior, said of the seniors.

Grace Roeshot, Online Newspaper Editor-in-Chief

Coupled with the landslide 4-0 victory against rival field hockey team Mifflin County, the State High girls’ field hockey team celebrated senior night on Wednesday, October 2nd. The three seniors recognized were #22 Kendall Kleinman, #13 Morgan Marshall, and #6 Libby Fortin.

The goals were scored by Johannah Lee, junior; Emma Barlett, sophomore; Sarah Shallenberger, junior; and Kyra Whitlark, junior. 

The varsity team had lost to Mifflin County earlier in the season, so this made the shutout on the North Track turf all the much better. This was a really great comeback,” Kendall Kleinman, senior, said. “This was really good to bring confidence back to the team.”

Although only three seniors will be leaving the team next fall, their impact has been great. “They all set a good example and I think everyone on the team wants to be as good as them,” Catherine Lower, freshman, said. 

“They said a lot of good stuff,” Lona Horner, freshman, said, “and it’s like we have to fill that place whenever they leave, so it’s like what the heck.”

To Maddie King, a junior who is in her third year with the team, senior night is always a highlight of the season. “It gives us the opportunity to celebrate our oldest players and thank them for their leadership and experience on the team,” King said. “Morgan, Libby and Kendall have given so much to the program and are each uniquely special to the team.”

For some seniors, it may be the last time they will play their sport on a team. Though this wasn’t the case for the field hockey seniors (as this was not their last home game), Kleinman has felt this finality throughout the season. “Not only just for senior night but for every game, I feel like I put my whole heart into it because I know I might not have another chance to play,” Kleinman said. “I just put everything out there. When I was a freshman or even last year, you just don’t put as much into it even if you’re not mentally aware of it. 

“It’s really weird because I thought I’d be a lot sadder, but it was bittersweet,” Kleinman said. “It’s sad I’m not going to play with them again but at the same time, I was really fortunate to have such a great team this year and the past four years so I was happy about it.”

The field hockey team will play in the District 6 Championship in Juniata on Thursday, October 17th.