Caleb Craig: Football Photographer


Auden Yurman

Caleb Craig, photographer, gets ready to snap an action shot of the State High vs. Central Dauphin game.

Emma Rockey, Staff Writer

If Caleb Craig had known he would be so involved in photography when he first picked up a camera, he would’ve been very surprised.  When he first received a camera as a Christmas gift, he “hadn’t known what to do with it,” until he was given the opportunity to take photos of the football team at State High.  Now, he has found a new passion worth pursuing. 

After hearing about the opportunities through the journalism department at State High, Craig asked his then English teacher, Ms. Corza, how he could get involved.  She gave him the opportunity to take pictures and videos of the marching band. Craig soon realized that photographing the football team was where his interest lay.  He then began going to football games and photographing the team and soon realized how much he enjoyed it. 

He has always had a love for the sport. He played football through eighth grade and he now has the opportunity to stay close to the sport while continuing to explore his new interest in photography. 

“I was mostly doing it for myself and I had started a twitter account and started posting the pictures there,” Craig said.  The more he posted, the more attention his photos received and the more his passion grew. He now writes articles and does photography for “I take 600-800 photos a game and with those photos, I send them to the team as well as I keep a couple of them for personal use and put them in my articles, which I write every night after the games expected to be posted by 7 a.m.”

Western PA Football, a company that covers scholastic football in Western Pennsylvania and offers internships to high school students who are looking for more experience in the “media world,” has been reporting on high school football since 2000. They claim they have become “one of the top high school football reporting websites on the internet.” 

Craig has developed a great relationship with the football players, one of  his favorite parts of photographing the team.“Everyone’s your friend when you’re the photographer,” he said. Craig’s weekends are spent sorting through photos taken the night before and sending photos to the players if they ask. 

The growth of Craig’s passion for photography has led him to consider pursuing sports photography and broadcasting in college and later in life, where photos can be found.