Cities Across The U.S. Break Out Into Celebration After Biden Wins Election


Photo/Natalie Pearson

Healthcare workers in Wilmington, North Carolina, hold rallies in support of candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on Saturday, Oct. 17.

Joella Alvarez, Staff Writer

Cities across the U.S erupted into cheers after Joe Biden was the announced 2021 Presidential Elect. Biden’s win triggered various emotions in American citizens.

From coast to coast, Biden supporters rallied together in all forms after the announcement of his win. In the streets, their homes, and on their balconies, people were shouting, cheering, dancing and waving their flags and signs in support. People gathered outside the White House shouting and cheering, others held up traffic, sitting on cars and honking their horns in excitement upon hearing that Biden had taken the lead in electoral votes on Saturday morning. 

Although many teenagers couldn’t vote in this election, they still voiced their opinion on the presidential candidates.

”Biden is for the people. He’s empathetic and kind, something Donald Trump is lacking in. The things he has said and done don’t show a president that is empathic with the American people. I hope Biden’s empathic side will continue and for him to be a leader to Americans and not a ruler,” freshman Dianna Hollaran said. 

Hollaran continued to express her excitement for the future of America under Biden’s leadership. 

“The next 4 years is going to be a lot different. I personally think it’s going to be a better different. But, we have to see. Biden is a much more different president than Donald Trump, it’s going to be a change for everyone.”  

While Biden supporters were celebrating his win, there were some upset Trump supporters who gathered to show their frustration. In Austin, Texas Trump supporters brought their own flags and signs outside the State Capital building exclaiming that the election isn’t over. Some of these rallies came into being when President Trump announced he was not going to concede with the final results, claiming voter fraud. Trump supporters in Michigan, Oregon, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Wincison contested the win and criticized the voting form of mail in ballots as being a part of Trump’s loss. 

Others expressed stress and confusion on the current state of America and its citizens due to this election. “The country is so divided right now, I honestly don’t know how to feel. People are attacking people because of their political views and I don’t think that is right. But at least others are celebrating the win of a man they think can do a better job of running America,” freshman Stephanie Field vocalized. 

Elected officials nationwide also shared congratulations to Biden. French President, German Chancellor, Paris Mayor, Ukraine’s President, Indian Prime Minister and South Koren President tweeted their support and congratulations for elected Vice President Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. 

This election was one to remember for many first time voters and previous ones. No other U.S. election has had this many eligible voters turn out to rallies, speeches, endorse candidates, and vote before. Regardless of how this election divided the U.S, it ignited passion and emotion in Americans.