Introducing State High’s New Counselor: Hannah Catalano


Photo Courtesy of Hannah Catalano

Pictured is Hannah Catalano, one of the newest additions to the counseling staff.

Chloe Poindexter, Opinion Editor

As the number of students at State High continues to increase, so does the need for more counselors. State High decided to bring back alumni Hannah Catalano, and add her as an addition to the counseling staff starting this school year. 

In her years after attending State High, Catalano went on to attend Penn State University. Her last position was at Bald Eagle Area School District, where she also worked as a counselor. Catalano believes that State High is the place that she can make the most difference.

I am trying to fulfill students’ post-secondary goals, which establish a great rapport with students to make them feel confident and comfortable at State High,” Catalano said. 

To tend to the diverse student population Catalano believes that she brings a unique perspective to the counseling staff.

“I think some of the new things I bring to the school is my emphasis on diversity. I have researched many forms of diversity and I feel that I can collaborate with all students to make them feel accepted and cared for at this school.”

Diversity is very important to Catalano, and she is determined to help students find their voices. She has experience helping students to discover their voices in the past, and also helping find ways for students to be heard.

“I have advocated for students by being a louder voice for those whose voices are not heard or do not have a voice. I have gone to bat side by side to do what is in the students’ best interest,” Catalano said. 

State High should be ready to see some positive change led by new staff member, Hannah Catalano.