The Buzz About Vibe Coffee Co.


Sophia Bills

Vibe Coffee Co. co-founders Ethan Steiger (left) and Tameel Noel (right) pose behind the counter of their bustling coffee shop on Sept. 24. Located at 401 W. Beaver Avenue, Vibe Coffee Co. is the latest addition to State College’s coffee scene.

Sophia Bills, News Editorial Assistant

Vibe Coffee Co. opened its doors to the coffee lovers of State College on Thursday, Sept. 16. Filling the storefront previously occupied by Doan’s Bones Barbeque on the corner of W. Beaver Avenue and S. Atherton Street, downtown’s newest coffee shop is a convenient spot for anyone traversing the locale. 


Vibe’s menu includes cappuccinos, lattes, and other classic drinks, as well as a sprinkling of signature concoctions. The drink menu is available for online order. Customers craving a cup of joe can visit the shop’s weekday hours from 7 am – 4 pm Monday through Friday, making Vibe Coffee Co. perfect for a pre-class pit stop. The shop is open from 9 am – 4 pm on Saturday, with night hours taking place from 9 pm – 12 am on Friday and Saturday. 


Vibe’s origin story is one of long-time friends and entrepreneurs. Philadelphia natives Ethan Steiger and Tameel Noel met in middle school, instantly becoming close. As Steiger and Noel wrapped up their studies at Penn State and Temple, respectively, the pair decided to go into business. Fast forward to fall 2021, when the months-long work of Vibe Coffee Co. CEO Steiger and CFO Noel finally came to fruition.


“It was incredible,” Steiger said of witnessing his and Noel’s vision for their local small business come to life on grand opening day. “The most amazing part was getting to open the doors and getting to interact with hundreds of people.”


It didn’t take long for the shop to fill with eager patrons on opening day; around 200 transactions came across the barista counter that morning and afternoon. 


“It was a great way to get used to the busy environment in State College,” Steiger noted. After all, he and Noel intended for Vibe Coffee Co. to have a city-like feel, both in convenience and warm, modern shop aesthetics. “We’re catering to the people who are about the hustle and bustle of State College.”


State High senior Jake LeVan has visited Vibe Coffee Co. several times, including during opening week. LeVan appreciates the friendliness of the staff and the comfortable atmosphere.


“The company is overall nice with awesome staff that make you feel very welcome,” LeVan said. “Though it is just a small coffee shop, they have a great menu. The store is very welcoming with both people and store design.”


LeVan’s impression of the business was just what Steiger and Noel hoped for: “[Our] biggest mission is putting people above coffee,” Steiger emphasized. “Even when we’re busy making the coffee or stocking our inventory…we try to put the priority on the people that are in the shop. If they’re only there for thirty seconds, anywhere up to a couple of hours, we want to make sure that we’re prioritizing them and giving them attention…having a conversation, getting to know them more.”


In addition to its people-first focus, Vibe Coffee Co. hopes to set itself apart with ingenuity and creativity. This includes offering night hours—when donuts from partner Eden Donuts are sold—to “reach a whole other crowd,” according to Steiger. Vibe also partners with local bakery Crumbkowski for muffins, biscotti, and scones, and sources its beans from Brioso, a roastery and coffee bar based in Ohio.


Besides the usual coffee and espresso drinks, Vibe Coffee Co. offers a special menu tailored to State College, including their signature, best-selling Grilled Stickies Latte and newly-added Nutella Latte. Soon to come is the Nittany Nitro.


LeVan is a fan of the drinks on Vibe Coffee Co.’s menu. “Any of the hot beverages I have tried are good. My first beverage was a caramel americano with cream. It was sweet and overall very pleasant and enjoyable. I appreciated the warmth that they presented it in very much.” LeVan is excited to try new flavors, venturing away from his typical coffee orders, and plans to buy a bakery item when he next visits Vibe.


Vibe Coffee Co. brings unique flavors, a personal touch, and trademark flair to downtown State College. Caffeine fiends can stay connected with Vibe Coffee Co. by joining their email list and staying up-to-date on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.