2015 MLB Season Awards: Predictions


Owen Ache, Brandon Giedroc, and Philip Nelson



Owen Ache: Josh Donaldson (Blue Jays)

After coming from Oakland in offseason trade, Donaldson has helped revitalize baseball in Toronto by leading the team in Homeruns and RBI’s and winning the pennant in the AL East.


Brandon Giedroc: Josh Donaldson (Blue Jays)

From being an average player on the Athletics to becoming a star up North, Donaldson has surpassed expectations with a career year.


Phil Nelson: Josh Donaldson (Blue Jays)

123 RBI’s, 41 Home Runs. Enough said.



Brandon Giedroc: Bryce Harper (Nationals)

At only 22 years old, this young phenom has become the face of the Nationals and Major League Baseball. Leading the National League in most key statistics, he is a no doubter for the MVP.


Owen Ache: Bryce Harper (Nationals)

Great Year all round, including the league in bombs with 42, almost everyone’s happy with him winning it, besides Jonathan Papelbon


Phil Nelson: Bryce Harper (Nationals)

The flow finally put it all together this year with 42 dingers. With a .330 average and 99 RBI’s, Harper is an easy selection of NL MVP.


AL Cy Young


Phil Nelson: Dallas Keuchel (Astros)

Keuchel defines the underdog. However in the case of the Cy Young in the AL for 2015, he is an obvious choice to win it. He has 18 wins on the season and has led the Astros into the playoffs.


Brandon Giedroc: David Price (Blue Jays)

The 2012 Cy Young winner has had a great year after he was traded from the Tigers. He hasn’t skipped a beat as he has produced a great ERA throughout the season. Leading the Blue Jays to a division title, David Price will win the award.


Owen Ache: David Price (Blue Jays)

Had a great walk year, even though tweeting out Keuchel deserves the Cy Young, Price also has every right to deserve this award.


NL Cy Young


Brandon Giedroc: Jake Arrieta (Cubs)

Arrieta was virtually unknown with the Baltimore Orioles. After the 2013 trade, the change of scenery was all Arrieta needed to transform his game. With just a three quarter era since the All-Star break, he has all the momentum needed in order to win the Cy Young.


Owen Ache: Jake Arrieta (Cubs)

Toss-up between Zack Greinke and Arrieta, but I believe that Arrieta should come down with this. Having the second best second half ERA of all time, throwing a No-Hitter, and having 1.60 ERA on the road this year, a hard résumé to beat.


Phil Nelson: Zack Greinke (Dodgers)

The man had 45 ⅔’s innings without a run. His ERA is at 1.66 and he has only three losses.


AL Rookie of the Year


Owen Ache: Carlos Correa (Astros)

Looks like a stable All Star for years to come. If he was called up in the beginning of the year ( Was recovering from a fractured fibula in Double-A) he could have possibly help the Astros win a couple of extra games, to win the division, and not be playing in the Wild Card.


Brandon Giedroc: Francisco Lindor (Indians)

Like Correa, imagine how much better the season would have been if he was called up earlier. Lindor sparked the Indian’s playoff push, which is amazing considering they held a sub .500 record at the All- Star break. Gold Glove material Lindor will be battling Correa in years to come as top shortstop. For now Lindor edges Correa in AL Rookie of the Year.


NL Rookie of the Year

Brandon Giedroc: Kris Bryant (Cubs)

Kris Bryant is another young star who has helped the Cubs make the playoffs for the first time since 2008. His great power and lock down fielding will earn him NL Rookie of the Year. Let’s not forget Jung-Ho Kang’s great rookie season. Sadly, Kang got injured, which hurt his chances for rookie of the year.


Phil Nelson: Matt Duffy (Giants)

He isn’t going to win it, but Matt Duffy has been spectacular for the Giants this season. Originally a shortstop, the Giants moved him to third base since they already have Brandon Crawford, an All-Star, manning the shortstop position. Duffy stepped right in and hit 12 homers, 77 RBI’s. He may not become a superstar but he had a promising rookie season.


AL Manager


Owen Ache: Paul Molitor (Twins)

No one expected the Twins to be anything besides a guaranteed division loser, but they were able to compete into the final weekend of baseball.


Phil Nelson: A.J Hinch (Astros)

Hinch took a team with no playoff expectations and has led them to the playoffs for the first time since 2005.


NL Manager of the Year:


Owen Ache: Mike Matheny

More than likely not, Joe Maddon will come away with this award, but as a Cardinals fan, I believe that Matheny deserves this award. With seven out of the nine opening day starters currently or were on the Disabled List, Matheny has been able to lead the Cardinals 100 win season (best record in baseball) he deserves credit how he was able to keep this team on track all year.


Brandon Giedroc: Clint Hurdle

Clint Hurdle has been a huge influence in the Pirates organization since he was hired. He has had great success with the Pirates, which would be unheard of a couple years ago. No matter the players, Hurdle has always been consistent and brought Pittsburgh great success.


AL Executive of the Year:


Owen Ache: Alex Anthopoulos (Blue Jays)

Hard to top the pickups of Troy Tulowitzki, David Price, Russell Martin, and Josh Donaldson.


Phil Nelson: Jon Daniels (Rangers)

Despite losing Yu Darvish in the preseason and being in the same division as Mike Trout and Jose Altuve, Daniels brought in Cole Hamels and was able to keep them afloat even when it appeared that they were out of the hunt.


NL Executive of the Year:


Owen Ache: Sandy Alderson (Mets)

The Cespedes trade was one of the best deals this year, and Tyler Clippard, Juan Uribe, and Kelly Johnson also helped the team with their batting struggles down the stretch, also getting a hat tip for the R.A. Dickey trade, getting Noah Syndergaard and Travis d’Arnaud.


Brandon Giedroc: Neal Huntington (Pirates)


Neal Huntington has always been a consistent GM. Bringing Russell Martin over from the Yankees last year, he continued to find great additions as in Francisco Cervelli and Jay Happ. Three straight years making the playoffs, Huntington has been one of the most consistent, but underrated GMs.