Presenting October’s Athlete of the Month: Emi Shukla


Photo Courtesy of Sarah Tate

Emi Shukla getting in the zone for one of her games this season.

Cora Bainbridge, WSCH Executive Producer

Fall sports at State High are coming to a close, with regular-season games ending in October, and post-season games continuing through November and December. One State High fall sport that has been able to shine throughout the season is State High Volleyball. The team is the second in their conference, and their roster includes the nominated Athlete of the Month: Emi Shukla. 

“It was such an honor to just be a nominee and I’m so thrilled to be nominated as the athlete of the month!” Shukla exclaimed after finding out that she was the Athlete of the Month.

Shukla has been playing volleyball for State High all four years of her high school career, and will be continuing her volleyball career collegiately at Carnegie Mellon University. Shukla has been wanting to play at a collegiate level since she was young, and was looking for a school that would fit her athletic and academic goals. 

“I talked to many colleges throughout my recruiting process, however after visiting Carnegie Mellon University I knew it was perfect for me,” Shukla said when asked about her excitement about playing volleyball collegiately. 

Shukla moved to State College at the beginning of her freshman year and immersed herself in the State High volleyball program. Throughout her four years of competing as a vital member of the team she has been able to learn more about herself, and how to succeed as a strong athlete. 

“These past four years went by quickly and it’s surreal that I am a senior representing SCGVB,” Shukla said. “I learned a lot from my coaches and teammates throughout the four years and they all taught me to be better as a whole.”

Shukla’s journey through playing on the volleyball team has been nothing short of a growth period, especially when it came to working on becoming the best athlete she could be.

“I dedicated many hours in the gym with [Coach Weight] and he held me to a high standard, which ultimately made me a better player in the end,” Shukla said. “I thank all coaches that were a part of SCGVB for any success that I had throughout my years at State.”

As Shukla has progressed throughout her four years as a State High volleyball player, so has the State High volleyball team. The team is currently second in their conference and will be competing in the Mid-Penn Conference later this month, and the District 6 Championship in early November. 

“This year it’s tough, but with the right attitude, we can achieve a lot. I have a lot of expectations for this team because it’s unlike any other,” Shukla said when asked what the goals were for the rest of the season for the team. 

Shukla has grown throughout her years of being a State High volleyball player and has been able to use her growth to reach her dreams of playing at the collegiate level. Shukla and this volleyball team have more in store for this season, and with their next home game on Oct. 18, against Altoona, this athlete of the month and her team prepare to continue their strong season throughout the rest of October, and into their postseason.