Alice in Concert, A Thespians Performance

Looking Into What it is like Both On and Off Stage.


Caroline Concepcion

Senior Nora Goudie, who plays Alice, stands on stage amidst other cast members.

State High Thespians debuted their latest show, Alice in Concert, on Thursday, Nov. 18, Friday the 19th, and Saturday the 20th at 7:00, and Sunday the 21st at 2:00. The show was a culmination of the efforts of the cast and crew, who put hours into rehearsals to make the wondrous show come together. 

“Rehearsals were good, it was a lot—it was every day after school from 4:00 to 6:00—so it was a lot of time and a lot of energy, but they went really well,” said senior Olivia Biever, 11th grade assemble caption and director’s assistant. “The community in Thespians is so amazing, and they’ve done a really good job making it really welcoming to everyone.”

Thespians worked on the show since early October. Theatre is more than just the people performing on stage; it’s a community of people sharing the feeling of true confidence, happiness, and true passion. 

“[Thespians has] been going pretty steadily. There is a lot going on for everyone, not just the cast. The crews have been doing so much stuff. The crew heads have had really big roles this year, they have been very busy,” said Logan Glaze, Thespians President. “It’s pretty intense this fall; it’s very interesting and crazy. I think that it’s sort of one that we have to lean into the ridiculousness of it, it’s a lot of fun to do.” 

With all the time Thespians spent together, students have been able to form close bonds with one another. The tight-knit bonds among students form the backbone of a strong community—a community where students are free to be themselves.

“The main thing is the community that Thespians has; I don’t think I could ask for a better group of people to be around all the time,” said senior Nora Goudie, who plays Alice. “Thespians is a really good place to be who you are.” 

Freshman Esme Brandt added to this, sharing that the connections the Thespians form with one another translate to their performances on the stage.

“Everyone in the cast all seemed like they were having a lot of fun; they all worked with each other very well. The way that they showed each character’s personalities even while they were singing was really cool and impressive,” Brandt said. “I could tell that they really enjoyed what they were doing.” 

Jill Campbell is the director of Thespians and Alice in Concert. Campbell reflected on the process of putting the show together, and how Alice in Concert offered unique opportunities for students to grow as performers and crew members.

Alice in Concert is the perfect piece to provide some new and different challenges for both our actors and designers,” Campbell said in the performance’s playbill. “Costumes, props, and sets, complete with lights, are designed to enhance the work of performers, not distract from it. I love what our young Thespian designers have created for our production.”  

The time that Thespians spend together isn’t only in rehearsals and shows, but also in meetings and other activities. The meetings are important to keep everything organized and to plan for activities and places they want to have on their schedule.

“I run the board meetings, and I write the agendas for all of our board and general meetings. I help plan all of our trips and shows and pretty much everything that we do,” Glaze said.

During the opening night and following shows, students, their families, and other community members came to enjoy Alice in Concert.

“I thought the people in the concert had an amazing voice that they knew how to use so well,” Brandt said after seeing the show. “They seemed to all truly enjoy being around each other and seemed to be very prepared.” 

While Thespians usually doesn’t do a musical in the fall, the creative direction of students and directors allowed for the program to take on a musical. After a year of virtual meetings, Thespians was able to meet in person again this year, and students have been making the most of it.

“We usually don’t do a musical in the fall, so now that we are seniors, my friends and people on the board have more of a role to keep the program going,” Goudie said. “We have been able to do so much more in person. We rehearse every day until 6:00 pm usually. It’s been a great experience; we all get to bond and have a great time.”

State High Thespians have all worked together over the past 2 months to put on Alice in Concert. While the fall show may be over, the spring show is already underway, with auditions set to be held after winter break.