State High Welcomes Graduating Class of 2026 to the School


Student Ambassadors schedule for 8th grade tour taken on December 20, 2021.

Hannah Zaritski, Staff Writer

On Dec. 16, 2021, State High hosted 8th graders from Mount Nittany Middle School to give them tours of the high school. The day consisted of tours of programs within the school, introductions to opportunities at the high school level, and previews of 15 different electives offered at State High. Each touring group was given the opportunity to receive a seven-minute presentation of each class, and a preview of what each course has to offer. State High Little Lion Ambassadors toured the school with the students, answering questions and sharing personal opinions on the courses they loved the most. 

One Little Lion Ambassador, sophomore Anna Razzano, was delighted to share her knowledge of the school with the middle school students, hoping to answer any questions they had to make the transfer of schools run smoother. Razzano remembers taking the tour in 8th grade, and how helpful it was when she got to the high school the following fall.

During the tours, Razzano noted the atmosphere among the students. 

“The 8th graders were silent most of the time, but seemed very excited, especially when getting a sneak peak of all the classes offered,” Razzano said. 

There was a mix of emotions portrayed throughout the tour, and while some showed more enthusiasm than others, at the end, all of the 8th graders showed excitement for the next four years of high school. 

“The 8th graders were all taken back by how many classes are offered at State High, and you could tell beyond the nerves was excitement,” Razzano said.  

According to Razzano, many students showed interest in the Early Childhood Education program, a program offered at State High to help high school students explore learning and interactions within younger children; the basics of young childhood education. This course presentation was run by two seniors, both of whom have been a part of the program all four years of high school. Throughout the presentation, the seniors touched on why they chose to be a part of the program and some of the benefits that were taught to them throughout their involvement. 

Another favorite was the overview of the business courses at State High, presented by business teacher Cory Raupers. The ultimate goal of the program presentations is to make incoming students feel welcome and excited to come to high school. 

“A lot of the students showed engagement. I talked about the Exploring Business course, which touches on a little bit of every business course State High has to offer,” Raupers said. 

8th-grade tours continued throughout the week of Dec. 16, and continued into the new year.