Loans that Change Lives: State High Kiva Club


Photo courtesy of Kiva

State High Kiva Club poses for a group photo on Jan. 19, 2022.

Poppy Rusca, Staff Writer

Kiva is a US non-profit organization with one simple goal: making loans that change lives. The organization loans money to people living in poverty so that they can start a business. Anybody can be a lender, and even as little as a $25 loan can help. The lender is fully repaid 96% of the time, once the Kiva borrower is financially able enough to repay the loan. 

Although anyone can be a Kiva lender to the national organization, there are also Kiva clubs in schools that raise money to put towards the Kiva cause. State High launched its Kiva club this year, working towards the same goals the overall organization holds. 

“I think that it is really important to recognize that some people aren’t as fortunate as you,” freshman and State High Kiva President Eloise Allen said. Allen participated in Kiva throughout middle school and was inspired to bring the cause to State High, where they now typically meet every other Wednesday after school.

“During Kiva meetings, we make loans, plan fundraisers, eat snacks, and have fun,” freshman and State High Kiva’s vice president Annie LaMotta shared.

The club’s main goal is to hold fundraisers to raise money, and then loan the money made through the Kiva website. To complete this mission, Kiva members are split into three different committees. 

“Each committee has different jobs at each meeting that we try to get done during meeting time,” Kiva member Lola Espinoza explained.

The loans committee handles money, digitally making loans on the Kiva website. Communications promotes Kiva Club to students in hopes of recruiting new members, and is responsible for any State High Kiva social media accounts. Fundraising plans and prepares for all of the Kiva fundraisers, which club members enjoy participating in. 

“My favorite memory of Kiva is the PFMS carwash last year. It was just a cool experience to be with all of your friends […] for a good cause,” Allen said. Every year, Kiva Club does a car wash to raise money, among other smaller fundraisers. 

Kiva’s next fundraiser is a Panera fundraiser this Friday, Feb. 25. Students and State High families can stop by the North Atherton Panera and let the employees know that they are there for Kiva, and a percentage of the cost of their meal will go towards Kiva. 

“I chose to be a part of Kiva because I really support the cause, and I think they are doing some great work. I also really like the people in it and getting to socialize with them,” Kiva Club member Amelia Mortensen said. “Kiva is important because it is a club that a lot of people can get involved in and do something where you truly feel like you are making a difference.”