Students Come Back to In-Person Club Fair for the First Time in Two Years


Nicole Lupo

Sept. 8th, 2022, The Activities Fair in the Hub

Enkhmaa Bilegee, Staff Writer

On Sept. 5 to Sept. 9 during all lunches, the State High 2022-2023 Clubs & Activities Fair was held in person for the first time in two years. Different clubs gathered in the Hub to promote and recruit for the clubs offered at State High. After speaking with the club members and students participating in the Clubs and Activities Fair, the influence of the event becomes clear.

Many students attending agree that the activities fair has had a positive impact. A senior attending the fair, Josie McCarthy, expressed that the event was a way in which clubs are able to reach students not familiar with State High clubs, directly. She suggested that it is hard for her to get information about the clubs through the announcements. “In the announcements, everything goes by very fast,” McCarthy remarked. 

Additionally, the club fair being in person this year allowed club members to have face-to-face conversations with curious students and made answering questions more accessible. It has been helpful in popularizing the newer clubs that were heavily affected by Covid-19, encouraging the clubs to start again.

Tiffany Chen, the president of the State High Science Olympiads, stated, “[The fair] has attracted many new members since the students get to directly experience the clubs and what they’re about.” Clubs have to market themselves through flyers and posters to draw in more members, but the Activities Fair has helped increase student participation.  

“A lot of it is just that someone is in the club and they tell their friends and then, their friends join the club and they tell their friends and it grows,” said Avery Bopp, a sophomore and club member of Mini Thon, explaining that clubs also grow through word-of-mouth communication

The Activities Fair presents a great opportunity for both clubs and students to interact with each other, inspiring students to learn more about each club while allowing the clubs to expand in size through the influx of people interested. The Clubs & Activities Fair has absolutely brought upon a beneficial change to State High as a whole.