IMBA Update


Big Baller Corp. celebrates a hard fought victory over the Cros. Photo by ben Hollern.

David Young, Staff Writer

IMBA, an intramural basketball league within State High has always been a school favorite activity and this year is no different. To find out why it is such a hit within the school, some current players explained why there is so much hype.

Ashkon Zolghadr, a forward for the team called Boof Squad, explained how playing IMBA has helped his friendships within the school. “Competitiveness creates stronger bonds,” Zolghadr stated, “Especially if you actively see that person you compete against [every day].” There is a ton of friendly competition in this league. While students do create their own team, many times they will be playing against their friends who are on a different team. Playing for different teams and friendly competition is something many students love. 

As CCE Forward Tommy Egerer explained, it is a good option for those who enjoy playing basketball or just physical activity in general, but maybe are not as good or as committed to play competitively for the school. “I played IMBA as I have always had a love for basketball, but I was never good enough to play competitively on a team,” Egerer said. “It also is not as strict and has a lot of opportunities to make it fun in your own way,” he added.  

Clearly, this friendly competition is very important to students. Diabetic Dominators’ Guard, Yousef Kamerow, explained that he played IMBA “to inspire the younger community who wasn’t able to make the actual team.” This reinforces the idea that this is a great opportunity for kids who like basketball but for whatever reason did not play for the school team.

As for the current state of the season, Kate Butterworth, a player for the Nutcrackers, who unfortunately suffered a broken nose in a game earlier this season explained the outcome of this event. “The doctors said that I probably can’t do any sort of physical contact activities for the next 2 months to avoid having permanent damage done to it,” Butterworth informed. Despite this, she is keeping an optimistic and open mind about the whole situation. “I think it’s really funny to look back on and I think everyone else gets a kick out of it as well,” Butterworth stated. 

Lastly, Loren Crispell, State High’s Assistant Athletic Director and the head of IMBA talked about the hiatus the league is currently on and when viewers should expect the league to return. “We are working through the steps to get the league back up and running,” Crispell explained “[While] doing so in a way that ensures the safety of all involved, and the respect that is owed to the staff and students at Easterly Parkway.”

Crispell stated that he is not able to put a timeline on the return of the league, however, it seems the future is bright for current players who are looking forward to returning to the courts. All in all, IMBA was able to get off to a great start and players hope it will be able to return soon.