IMBA Fundraising


Graphic promoting bracelet sales via the sc_imba Instagram account. Created by Mia Reese.

Noah Radio, Staff Writer

The intramural basketball program, called IMBA, is a cornerstone of the State High community. As a historically school sponsored program, IMBA has never needed student funding to function. This year, due to misconduct at Easterly Parkway Elementary, fundraising is needed for the first time in recent history. The team captains along with other IMBA participants have been working at tables in the hub selling bracelets. The common refrain of “Save IMBA” has been very helpful in drawing in potential buyers.

Evan Cameron is one student who came up with the majority of the fundraising plans, but the active selling was a joint effort by many students. The IMBA table could frequently be seen surrounded by students – mainly seniors – interested in buying or helping to sell the wristbands.

Seniors looking to continue their final year playing IMBA were very consistent in showing up both physically and mentally to sell the wristbands. In the second semester of the school year, some seniors tend to relax and not work as hard. However, seniors were at the forefront of this mission, speaking volume to how important IMBA is to some students.

Loren Crispell is the Assistant Athletic Director. “I’m proud of our students for not just having the ideas, but then having a plan and carrying out that plan to make sure we get those things done,” she said.

However, fundraising is one of many ways that the IMBA program is doing right for Easterly Parkway. Students have come up with ideas ranging from new graphics for the walls to volunteering at after school programs. Crispell highlighted a few students that have led the efforts – Ian Marshall, Linlee Oyler, and Colin Murphy. The initial pause in play and fundraising requirements were laid out by administrators, but all further action was done by students.

Crispell said that the goal of these actions was to, “make sure that our kiddos at Easterly Parkway have a fun place to go to school every day with the resources they need.” He also expressed that the kindergarten through fifth graders at Easterly Parkway deserve better than what they have gotten from the IMBA program. That message really resonated with students and motivated them to work hard on these initiatives.

On Feb. 13, 2023, after much less fundraising time than originally planned, the announcement came from the administration that IMBA would be coming back. With the fundraising efforts over, the attention will be on getting students to Easterly Parkway to volunteer at after school programs, and of course, the basketball games that have already resumed being played.