The Return of Froshmore


Emily Ishler

Freshmen and Sophomores dancing to the Cotton‐Eyed Joe at Froshmore in the big gym at State High on April 15th.

Emily Ishler, Staff Writer

The Froshmore dance was held on Apr. 15, 2023, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the South Gym. While it was a struggle for the Sophomore and Freshman Presidents to get enough tickets sold, in the end, they earned more than double the amount they needed to break even.

The night started off slow with clusters of small friend groups on the outskirts of the gym with a big open gap in the middle of the dance floor.

Freshman Abraham Abdul-Hamid shared his initial thoughts about the dance. “I think personally, personally the music is a bit mid. They can fix that but like just for later dances. I think the fact that there’s no one here right now makes it a bit less fun but when people start piling in it should get better,” Abdul-Hamid said.

Throughout the dance, there were songs that were “just okay” that would cause students to leave and get refreshments and other songs that had students rushing to the dance floor. Some favorite songs were “Love Story”, “Cotton Eyed Joe”, and “The Cupid Shuffle”. Depending on the song, dance circles were formed with students showing off their dance moves and getting sturdy.

While there weren’t as many students at Froshmore as there were at Homecoming, it meant almost everyone had a different outfit on and there were no two outfits that were the same.

Sophomore Ella George commented on what she thought about the outfits. “Everyone looks really good; I think the dresses are really pretty,” George said.

Popular places that girls got their dresses from were Lucy in the Sky, Princess Polly, Shein, or dresses they already owned in their closets. The dresses ranged in many different colors but were all a variation of short dresses. To go with their dresses, most of the girls chose to wear Converse instead of heels.

To capture the outfits and memories, there was a photo wall with spring pastel-colored balloons making an arch around the pastel circles hanging on the wall outside of the gym. Nearby, there was water and multiple prepackaged snacks: Doritos, Cheetos, Nutter Butters, Chips Ahe, Oreos, and Rice Krispie Treats.

A lot of planning went into the dance and Lauren Marshall, Sophomore Class President, shared why they held the dance, which hadn’t been held in 5 years. “It’s to help fund upcoming proms, first of all, because next year the sophomores have to plan Prom. It’s also just for practice planning a dance so our first one isn’t our Prom. Also, because people like this kind of thing,” Marshall said.

While not all of the underclassmen went, those who went enjoyed spending time with their friends and dancing the night away. It remains to be seen whether there will be another Froshmore dance next year and in years to come.