FBI’s Warning to the Public


Sila Gul

The warning tweet from FBI Denver published on April 6th, 2023.

Sila Guler

Everywhere people go, whether that be a mall, airport, theme park, etc, there is always a phone charging station. While these have been useful in case of emergencies, on April 6, the FBI tweeted a warning against the use of the charging stations. These stations, although seemingly harmless, have recently been “juice jacked”, the term used for when people hack these USB ports to introduce malware to infect phones. 

The danger with juice jacking is that it gives the power to these people to steal passwords, usernames, and other personal information. Hayden Kissel, a State High sophomore, said she’s seen these stations but she has never used them, and that is not going to change. “I always bring my own charger so I’ll probably just keep doing that,” Kissel said. This aligns with what the FBI has suggested the public should do. 

However, this warning has not affected everyone the same. Jackson Milinovich, a State High senior, said that he’s used these stations several times. For Milinovich, his usage won’t change.

 “I’m going to pretend it doesn’t exist and keep doing it,” Milinovich stated. 

While some may be worried by the FBI’s caution to the public, others seem to not care as much about it.