2016 Playoff Rankings

Brandon Giedroc and Owen Ache

NFL Postseason Rankings Headed into the 2016 Playoffs:


  1. Houston Texans (60-1 Super Bowl Odds)

Former Penn State coach Bill O’Brien has lead his squad to the playoffs for the first time since 2012, albeit without a quarterback. With a team of Brian Hoyer, Brandon Weeden, T.J. Yates, Ryan Mallett (currently on the Baltimore Ravens) and B.J. Daniels all playing meaningful minutes this year, they were able to win the AFC South with a 9-7 record. The reason they were able to win nine games was DeAndre Hopkins. The QB’s were able to throw it in his direction, and he would get the job done, accumulating 1,521 and 11 touchdowns on the season. Even though with a rising superstar in Hopkins, the Texans still have the worst odds to win the Superbowl, and it’s hard to imagine them making it passed the wild card round against Kansas City.


  1. Washington Professional Football Team (40-1 Super Bowl Odds)

Kirk Cousins is going to be cashing in this offseason. Leading the Redskins to a playoff berth for the first time since 2012, Washington is moving in the right direction. Even though the rebuilding of the offensive line has been a work in progress, the Redskins are going to have a difficult time. They have one of the toughest paths to the Super Bowl, dealing with a mediocre division all season.


  1. Green Bay Packers (30-1 Super Bowl Odds)

This team hasn’t been looking so bright, (only winners of 4 out of their last 10 games, which would be 3-7 if it wasn’t a last hail mary against the Lions). With their offense not being able to move the chains and the defense getting tired with how much time they’re on the field, the Packers don’t look like a team that can make it past the second round, unless star quarterback Aaron Rodgers heat up lead his team to victory.


  1. Cincinnati Bengals (20-1 Super Bowl Odds)

Now that AJ Mccarron is leading the offense, the Bengals are significantly lower in our ranking. With a healthy Andy Dalton, the Bengals have a top five team. They still have a dynamic duo at running back and one of the best wide receivers. A bunch of young talent is on the defense and that is what can save the team’s Super Bowl hopes. If the Bengals can beat the Steelers, then Andy Dalton could be back in the starting lineup. With a physical matchup looming, the Bengals need to dig deep in order to advance


  1. Kansas City Chiefs (25-1 Super Bowl Odds)

After winning 10 straight games, (pretty easy back schedule) without their star running back, the Chiefs are going into the playoffs as a hot team. The Chiefs aren’t going to be the team no one wants to play, but they are a solid team with a balanced defense and offense. Marcus Peters is a surprising rookie who can turn into one of the best in the league. Eight interceptions is no joke and the future is very bright. The defense is getting Justin Houston back and the offense is solid with Charcandrick West and Spencer Ware leading the rushing attack.


  1. Minnesota Vikings (30-1 Super Bowl Odds)

Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson are going to have carry the Vikings in order to slow down the Seahawks and the Legion of Boom. The Seahawks started out slow, but ever since Russell Wilson has been on fire. The Viking’s defense are going to have to contain Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin. The game is going to be physical and might come down to a Blair Walsh field goal.


  1. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-1 Super Bowl Odds)

The Steelers are going into the wild-card round with injuries looming. Star running back DeAngelo Williams is questionable with an ankle sprain. Even if he doesn’t play, the Steelers are still the favorites to win the game. Fitzgerald Toussaint is taking the reigns at running back and it should be interesting to see how he performs. The defense will be the deciding factor and the secondary has to perform well to win.


  1. Denver Broncos (5-1 Super Bowl Odds)

Osweiler or Manning? The question everyone is trying to figure out. Do you go with the veteran who has proven himself, or the three year veteran in his first playing action in the playoffs. It’s seems to be split with the media and fans, but the only opinion that matters is the locker rooms, if they truly believe in one of those guys, I think Denver has a strong chance to get to the Super Bowl.


  1. Seattle Seahawks (5-1 Super Bowl Odds)

Don’t get too excited on Seattle, I mean they’re still a very good team, but their two last regular season games they lost to the St. Louis Rams, 23-17 and beat out the Arizona Cardinals, who were really just trying to get home unscaved of injuries. Also, being in the tougher side of the playoffs with Arizona and Carolina being possible opponents. The Seahawks are going have to play some lock down D, (which they usually do) and the offense, led by Russell Wilson, need to be on the same pace as the other NFC teams.


  1. New England Patriots (9-2 Super Bowl Odds)

It’s hard to tell where exactly this team is at right now. They are still tied with the best odds to win the Super Bowl, but this is a team with lots of injuries and going 2-4 in the last six weeks in the regular season. There is multiple views to this take, Belichick and the Patriots taking it easy, so they don’t lose any more key players or the team is really struggling with injuries. We’ll see how they play when they get most of their players back against Kansas City or Houston in the Divisional round, but for now the AFC is wide open.


  1. Carolina Panthers (9-2 Super Bowl Odds)

The Carolina Panthers have looked like the best team in the NFL this season as their 15-1 record shows. Cam Newton has lead the way being responsible with 45 of the 56 touchdowns the team has scored this year. But my one Question for this team is; Who’s going to make the plays when Cam Newton isn’t making them. Greg Olson is a great veteran, but he’s more of a Red Zone threat. So who’s next? Jonathan Stewart? Ted Ginn Jr.? Devin Funchess? It will interesting to see who they go to.


  1. Arizona Cardinals (9-2 Super Bowl Odds)

The Arizona Cardinals probably the best overall team in the NFL. They have special playmakers on the offense with David Johnson and John Brown, and they are lead by Carson Palmer who wants really wants the taste of a champion. Then their mix on defense with a veteran front seven and playmakers in the Secondary. The Cardinals look like a good pick to win it all.