Student Government Results 2023-24


Emily Ishler

Newley Elected Student Government Vice President, Luca Snyder smiles as he’s standing inside the High School after he won the election.

Emily Ishler, Staff Writer

The student government election took place from April 27 to April 28. The ballots were sent out to students grades 9th-11th via email. The results are as follows: Prithvi Narayanan as President, Luca Snyder as Vice President, Raya Wolyniec as Secretary, Bella Gallo as Treasurer, and Anna Razzano as the Parliamentarian.

Narayana, Snyder, and Wolyniec are all returning government members which Andrew Merritt, the student government advisor, shares his thoughts on.

“I’m really excited. It’s nice this year, three of the current officers will be back and we have two new ones. It’s always nice to have a lot of continuity in government so people who know how things run, how we ran things in the past, it’ll be great to have them,” Merritt states.

All of the officers running ran unopposed in their category except for the Vice President position. There were three candidates who tried to become the Vice President: David Min, Luca Snyder, and Neal Kochhar. In the end, Snyder was the one who won.

“For campaigning, I just made a fun video and I went around and put up my posters. […] It was a fun time and I got a lot of my friends to support me which was very good,” Snyder shares.

Snyder is very excited about his plans for next year and also for the board that he will be working with. Snyder gives some insight into what he intends to change.

“I hope to increase attendance at leadership council meetings as that is our main way of reaching the student population and knowing what we need to be working on. We’ll definitely be focusing on getting as many people as possible in our space so that we can hear as many voices as we can. Also, I’m excited to work on communication between students and admin and making that connection better between the two through both having students working in the events admin plan, like class meetings and things like that, and also just through working on how different types of communications are sent to students in making it clear that admin does care about students and students are able to get to know admin,” Snyder claims.

As the school year wraps up, the new student government leaders will step in. Students look forward to seeing the change that the student government will make.