New Student Supports for 2023-2024


Samantha Corza

Throughout May, students took the Biology, Literature, and Algebra 1 Keystone tests. Student supports planned for the 2023-2024 school year are intended to improve Keystone testing outcomes, as well as other standardized state test scores.

Grace Levy, Staff Writer

With the school year coming to a close, changes are considered for the upcoming year based on student needs. One early idea was adding a flex period, intended to provide students with extra support outside of class time. After a committee process, the idea was scrapped for various reasons. Assistant Principal Ryan Walsh, one of the committee coordinators, shared via email, “One of the main concerns of the committee was adjusting the bell schedule and the logistics of tracking 2400 students during that time.” In light of this decision, the administration shifted its plans to focus on other ways of increasing student support. 

The types of support that are being considered include Keystone remediation courses that were previously during zero period being moved to the regular school day, in order to make the remediation courses more accessible for students. The STEM and Humanities centers will be expanded so that the math and writing centers are located within a classroom, as well as not being closed due to substitute teacher shortages. Lastly, study hall protocols will be updated for students of all grades. Students will be encouraged to use their time to plan for achievement alongside the support of their teacher. Study halls will also provide students with time to access the student centers if academic support is needed. 

The intention of the support is to help SCASD reach its comprehensive plan goal, which includes supporting student engagement, involvement, and individualized academic support during school hours. Walsh shared, “We will increase the percentage of students demonstrating proficiency or meeting growth projections in math to 88% on state standardized tests and or MAP.” 

Walsh continued, “We will increase the percentage of students demonstrating proficiency or meeting growth projections in English to 90% on state standardized tests and or MAP.”

These supports will become available to all students during the 2023-2024 school year, so students can begin utilizing these supports as soon as next year. 

With student success in mind, the school community is always looking for ways to support students. While these supports may be offered gradually, this is due to careful planning and consideration to ensure that all potential risks are understood and they will yield the best result possible for the student. With the end of the current school year nearing, next year’s promising new changes are getting closer and closer.