DECA hosts Mr. State High pageant for MDA


Becca Stroschein

Seniors Mike Riley, Brennan Cornwall and Keagan Rallis perform “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber

Becca Stroschein, Social Media Director, Business Manager

On January 24th, people crowded into the auditorium to see the highly anticipated Mr. State High pageant. Twelve brave men stepped up to compete for the crown. Although the competition was light-hearted, the proceeds went to something serious, the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

After being introduced along with their escorts, the men competed in the first part, modeling. Strutting, Dabbing, and doing the “Carlton” were some famous moves that won the judges hearts. Senior, Mike Riley placed first in modeling with his rendition of the Carlton, from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Next came the talent portion of the pageant. From lacrosse tricks, to piano playing, the contestants showed their A-game. Senior Josh Rickley serenaded senior Ally Hughes on a magic carpet to the song, “A Whole New World” from the movie Aladin while senior Justin Kurtz gave a soulful rendition of “Knockin on Heaven’s Door,” Junior Hayden Yoder grabbed the first place spot with an original song, “Last One Picked.”

After the People’s choice round, where the audience could donate cash to the MDA foundation, the men were welcome back to the stage. Half of the amount went to the overall score for the contenders.

The audience anxiously awaited for the votes to be tallied. After a few minutes, the winners were announced. Senior Mike Riley took the 1st runner up spot, while Junior Yoder took the 2nd runner up spot. Kurtz took the first place spot, making him the new Mr. State High.

Kurtz worked a lot on his talent portion, playing “Knockin on Heaven’s Door.” For the past five months I have been learning how to play the guitar and multiple people including Megan, my best friend Matt, my brother Dale, my ag teacher Mr. Heasley, andy my guitar teacher Mr. Robinson have put up with me spending ample time playing,” said Kurtz, “When I was up on the stage I felt that their time has been put to good use as I was paying in front of an audience conveying my passion.”

After the winnings were announced, all the contestants and escorts joined around the piano to sing, “Don’t Stop Believing”. DECA vice-president Megan Reese announced the wonderful news that $2309 had been raised for the Muscular Dystrophy association from this event. “I think that Mr. State High is a great way to raise awareness for charitable organizations and the sexual inequalities that young women can encounter,” said Kurtz, “I hope that Mr. State High becomes something that the whole school comes familiar with so that the underclassmen now and for years to come feel that becoming the next Mr. State High is a goal they aspire for.”