Spring It On

Baylie Cameron, Staff Writer

While many people seem to dread Pennsylvania winters, this one has turned out to be fairly mild. This 50º February weather is pleasing, however it has made students all the more hungry for spring. With the season fast approaching, many students are itching to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

“I think I’m most excited to go hiking and not fall on my butt because of the ice,” said junior Riley Roth. “I love to enjoy nature with my friends but the cold weather makes it hard.”  Junior Makayla Fetzer seems to agree that the cold weather is inhibiting her favorite activities. “I’m excited to not have to wear a coat or freeze to death crossing the street,” Fetzer said. This year, it seems as if many more students are going on hikes, enoing, and enjoying nature. Pictures of these students are frequently posted on Instagram and other social media.

Freshman Abby English is also excited for the warmer weather. “I am mostly excited to walk more places, eat outside, and swim,” said English. “Oh and campfires!! You can’t forget about those.”

Junior Emmy Hicks has other plans for the warmth. “I’m so looking forward to making my way back to Centre Hills pool and getting a tan,” Hicks said. “I get so pale during our long winters.” One wouldn’t exactly describe State College as “sunny.” This Happy Valley is particularly cloudy and grey in the winter, not quite ideal for getting a tan.

Senior Ally Hughes has only one thing on her mind as the weather gets warmer. “Spring to me means one thing: Prom,” said Hughes. “Because it’s my senior year, I’m way more excited.” When spring arrives, high school students all around the country get excited for Prom season. State high is no exception. Junior Maddie Martin said “I’m so excited to put on a beautiful dress and dance with my best friends. It’s such a classic high school experience and I can’t wait to be a part of it!”

Whether you’re excited for warmer weather or just leaving school, happiness is sure to rise when the temperatures do. One thing is for sure, spring fever is hitting SCAHS early this year!