Boo Bags For Your Bro

Yuzheng Xing

Halloween is an age-old holiday with a rich history, and in order to join the spookiness of the day, Diversity and Activism Club sold Boo Bags. Club member Francis Efiom answered the question on everyone’s mind: what is a Boo Bag?

“It’s a bag full of Skittles, M&M, and other kinds of chocolate. We also include a fake eyeball and two spiders,” said Francis Efiom. Students could also write a message to go with the Boo Bag. Club members delivered the Boo Bags on Halloween while dressed up as zombies and Teletubbies.

There was a lot of discussions that went into deciding what to do for a fundraiser. Eventually, Boo Bags was selected. “We wanted a fundraiser to support DAC. We decided to integrate Halloween into it. We didn’t just want for people to get candy, but also attach a message to show you care about them. It spreads positivity,” Efiom said.

Prices are low so students can participate. Efiom said, “It’s also a nice surprise for your friends. You can support Diversity Activism Club. It’s a fun way to celebrate Halloween. And well, all the cool kids are doing it.”