No Doubt About the Pink Out: State High Girls’ B-Ball Defeats Carlisle

Kelsey Love, junior, shoots during the team warm-ups.

Grace Roeshot, Staff Writer

Smart passes, fast-breaks, and no shortage of three-point shots were what led the girls basketball team to beat Carlisle by twenty-three points. During their Pink Out game on Tuesday, January 30th, the final score was sixty-six to forty-three.

Leading the team in points was Maya Bokunewicz, sophomore, with eleven. Close behind was Isabelle Leazier, sophomore, with eight points and Lexi Risha, junior, with seven. Addie Orndorff led the team in free throws, making four out of four shots.

The girls started out strong with a nine point lead in the first quarter, easily making the score nineteen to ten. State High was able to gain twenty-six more points by the end of the first half, leaving Carlisle to trail behind, only letting eight points by. Rylie Gregg sophomore, said, “At halftime I think we were all pretty excited to be up. But we knew that we had to keep going and hustling and we had to stay in the game.”

“I think that throughout the game we all had a lot of energy, on the court and on the bench and the energy mixed with the support from each other fueled us and made us able to keep going and keep pushing,” Gregg said.

The Pink Out game is an annual game played by the girls basketball team where the proceeds from entry and raffle tickets go toward breast cancer research. Immediately outside of the gym were tables displaying baskets of prizes where spectators could enter to win a basket with a raffle ticket. The baskets ranged from a Sweet Frog gift card to gift certificates to various local restaurants or shops. Bokunewicz said, “It was super exciting to play with all the positive energy in the gym from the Pink Out fundraiser.”

The girls record thus far is 10-9, and Carlisle’s 3-14. Bokunewicz said, “This season the team is really focusing on improving every day we step out on the court together.” The important thing, Bokunewicz said, “[Is for the team to] work together and build off of each other’s strengths.” Risha said, “We work very well together and we flow together as one group.”

The team has three games left, one being against their rivals: Altoona (14-4). The game is next Monday, February 2nd in Altoona. Being less than an hour away, “It’s a pretty big game that gets us all excited. They are a good team and it’s a big game so we are all just ready to play and hopefully come out with a win,” Gregg said. Bokunewicz said that the team is, “Very excited to play these last games together.”

“I am looking forward to the postseason and cherishing every moment with the current seniors, as their time winds down,” Bokunewicz said. Senior Night is this Friday, February 2nd at 6pm against Central Dauphin (13-4).

Though their regular season is coming to an end, the postseason is just beginning. Some girls will continue to play well into the spring because, according to Bokunewicz, “The grind truly never stops.”