IMBA Comes to it’s Annual End

The annual IMBA Seniors vs Staff game takes place.


Joe Boris

The All-Star team poses with IMBA Commissioner, Joe Boris. The team was selected for the Seniors vs. Staff intramural basketball game. “Hands down, that man is a legend,” said senior Ava Michael, talking about Boris, adding, “I feel bad for the kids who have never met him!” The All-Star team included seniors Oliver Allen, Dylan Ballenger, Sam Brungo, Jake Hall, Madison Lambert, Ava Michael, Brett Olivett, Zach Pepper, Steven Plafcan, Nate Pritts, Garrett Schoonmaker, Esther Seeland, Noah Thies, and Matt Tomczuk. The coaches of the All-Star team were Jake Mikula, Tyler Simpson, and Shane McCandless.

Elly Haushalter, staff writter


On February 27, the Annual Seniors vs. Staff Intramural Basketball game took place. This was the 20th time the seniors and staff have faced off. Fifteen of the best senior Intramural Basketball players were selected to face off against 11 faculty members from all around the district. Previous to the most recent game, the faculty had beat the senior team 18 out of the 19 times they have played. The Faculty team continued their dominance and beat the senior team again, making their record 19-1 against the Seniors. But to many people that participate in Intramural Basketball, they don’t play for a good record, but for a good time.

Ava Michael, a senior, said, “I like being able to play basketball at a more casual yet still competitive level with my friends.” Michael first started playing IMBA when her and her friends heard about it. She has played the last three years. Michael’s favorite memories of her Intramural Basketball career were when she hit a three-point shot, underhanded and when her team won the girl’s championship game three years in a row. Intramural Basketball has certain rules pertaining what girls/boys teams can do. For example, boys are not allowed to guard girls. Michael said, “I would like to thank Boris for creating the ‘girl rules’ because without this, we would’ve probably never beat the boys. I would also like to thank my wonderful teammates from both teams I have been on for always making IMBA a great time.”State High’s Intramural Basketball has positively impacted many lives of State High students throughout the years.