Expectation of the meeting Kim Jong Un & Trump

While North Korea is gaining lots of attention from other countries, especially from South Korea, China and the United States, President Trump is willing to meet Kim Jong Un. He posted on Twitter that he is looking forward to the meeting, and that he feels great to see that the meeting went well between Xi Jinping (President of China) and Kim Jong Un (President of North Korea).

Students at State High have various opinions on this topic.

Junior Erica Mi said, “ I do not think the relationship between Korea and the United States will improve through President Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un. North Korea has proven that they highly value their own survival and security. Additionally, although President Trump has agreed to meet, there already has been so much tension between the United States and North Korea.

For the past 20 years, democrat presidents tried to aid North Korea to help them to improve their economy and food supplement problems while conservative presidents leaned the opposite way.

Unfortunately, aiding North Korea led them to get nuclear weapons and improve their military. Korean and United States citizens tend to take two sides. One side that the North Korea government is wrong but people living there are poor and we shouldn’t be mean to them. The other side insists that the North Korea government will never use our aids on food supplies for people, but on nuclear weapons and military.

Senior Soomin Park said, “I think that because North Korea is able to develop weapons easily, it’s especially important to figure out how to avoid conflict. In fact, they develop so fast that the U.S.’s best analysts were unable to predict the extent of such rapid development. Many don’t believe it’s an issue and that North Korea would never take action but on the off chance they do attack, their missiles could inflict the biggest damage the US has ever received. That alone should prompt our government to prioritize de escalating the tension between the U.S. and North Korea.”


Tensions between North Korea and United States are noticed by people in both countries.


South Korea President Moon Jae In, from the democratic party, is funding money and food to North Korea.


“Don’t give North Korea anything and eventually the people can figure it out and rise up to get the rights that they want,” senior Ann Marie Paul said.

Sophomore Emily Wang said, “I think it’s true that if we do give aid to North Korea’s government they will use it towards nuclear proliferation because Kim Jong Un is a dictator. I guess I mostly support the side that claims North Korea would never use the aid on feeding their people and helping their peoples.”

Many State High students think aiding North Korea is wrong and meeting Kim Jong Un won’t change, however we will see the results after the meeting in May.