Little Lion Ambassadors Roar Outdoors


Kaylee Richards

Little Lion Ambassadors engage in a game of basketball. “Outdoor, physical activities are almost always fun for me, especially when it is organized and there are a good amount of participants,” freshman Brady Bigger said. Many LLA’s made sure to pack their days filled with plenty of fun and games.

Kaylee Richards, Staff Writer

The Little Lion Ambassadors (LLA)  held their annual picnic on Thursday, May 3rd at Holmes-Foster Park. The field trip was filled with tons of games, food, and activities for LLA’s of all grade levels to enjoy. The purpose of the picnic was to celebrate the past school year and everyone’s accomplishments.

The Little Lion Ambassadors are a group of hand-selected students who share a goal of welcoming and including students into the State High environment. They are inducted their freshman year and continue to serve as LLA’s throughout their high school career. The goal of the program is to welcome students into the State High environment. LLA’s can often be seen giving tours to students before the school year begins as well as throughout the year.

Patricia Devecka is a school counselor at State High and has worked with the program for ten years. “I think [the program] really plays an important role in helping the new kids. Whether it be incoming ninth graders or kids moving in from other areas. [The program] is a connection to make them feel more a part of this school,” said Devecka.

Tenth-grade LLA’s worked for weeks prior to prepare games for the picnic. “I think we have a great group of tenth graders. [They are] so enthusiastic and willing to pitch in,” said Devecka. The games included basketball, capture the flag, knockout, and park ranger. “My personal favorite was park ranger, which we play at the picnic every year,” sophomore Hanna de Lorenzi said.

Another activity that took place involved a ball covered in saran wrap and multiple sticky notes with questions on them. As teams unwrapped the saran wrap ball and uncovered the sticky notes, the person holding the ball had to answer the question. Sophomore Lauren Arnold suggested the game at a previous planning session.

After some fun and games, all of the students and counselors sat down to eat lunch together. They enjoyed desserts, sides, and pizza. Some LLA’s chose to quietly enjoy the afternoon with their friends at some picnic tables. “My favorite part of the picnic was probably getting to spend time with my friends and enjoy the weather,” sophomore Bryn Schoonover said. Last year’s annual LLA picnic was rather chilly and many students were happy to spend their day under the sun.

Freshman Little Lion Ambassadors have a lot to look forward to as part of the program.  I’ve only been an LLA for a week or two and the picnic was the first event I’ve been a part of, but it was great! This is definitely a good group of teens,” freshman Brady Bigger said. “I’m looking forward to doing more fun things like the picnic, but also and probably more importantly, helping to serve the school and the community with my fellow LLA’s.”