Drivers Need A New Home


Mckenzie Shannon

Students received the pictured warning on October 29th on their car windshields. The violated regulations were cited as “parking in a restricted area” and “parking in a reserved area”. Many student drivers plan to find a new parking spot, but are currently in search of temporary homes.

Kaylee Richards, Staff Writer

Routine is important, especially in a school setting.

Every day, students who are able to drive to school park their cars in the upper parking lot at community field. The lot has become a hub for student drivers who are not eligible for parking passes in the main lot.

The lot caters around 50 drivers, as well as any potential passengers, every day.

This routine was halted on October 29th.

When students returned to their usual parking spots, students were shocked and saddened to find yellow warning slips on their windshields. Students could no longer park in their everyday location.

“I was frustrated because people have been parking there all year! Why are they just now deciding that we can’t park there? It was so random because there hasn’t been an incident that would make them do this. Where do they want me to park, because they won’t let me in the lot,” junior Mckenzie Shannon said.

Most students who use community field have been denied legitimate parking passes from the office, but are okay being denied the pass. They are simply grateful to be able to drive to school.

“It is very unfair that we are not allowed to use Community to park as we see the main lot full of empty spots. I am willing to pay the price but they won’t give out passes. It is not right that they do not provide another option to park. I am a very busy girl I do not have time for this,” junior Katie Cepullio said.

Parking passes are sold to eligible students, typically seniors, for $60. Now that many students (and their vehicles) are displaced, they must find another spot to park.


UPDATE: As of November 6th, many students were given the opportunity to park in the main parking lot.