State High Orchestra Ends the Year on a High Note


Abby Reed

First violinist, Maria Bressan (pictured on the left), plays her violin during the winter orchestra concert on December 10th. Bressan details why she loves playing the violin. “I think the violin has the greatest range of color out of all instruments, so it gives the players a lot of freedom of expression.”

Abby Reed, Staff Writer

State High Orchestra was in key during their annual winter concert. On Monday, December 10th, violin, viola, cello, and bass players took the auditorium stage to share their talents. The three orchestras that performed were Chamber Orchestra, String Orchestra, and Symphonic Orchestra. Chamber Orchestra, a smaller group of players in grades 10-12,  performed first. Following Chamber Orchestra was String Orchestra. String Orchestra is a larger group of 10th, 11th and 12th graders. Finally, to wrap up the showcase, Symphonic Orchestra played. In Symphonic Orchestra, members of band classes at State High joined the string players for the last songs of the evening. Cello player, Fiona Mulley, sophomore, said that one of her favorite songs she played was with the Symphonic Orchestra. “I also loved the first movement of Dvorak’s Symphony No.8. There’s a really beautiful theme for the cello that recurs throughout the piece… Dvorak was exciting to play because we had winds, brass, and percussion playing in addition to the strings, which added a lot of drama,” Mulley said.

Members of orchestra shared why they enjoy being part of this group. Mulley said, “I think I love orchestra so much because I can do what I love, that is, make music, while surrounded by a hilarious, warm group of people whom I feel comfortable with.”

First violinist,  Maria Bressan, Senior, also shared why she likes orchestra, “I love the atmosphere inspired by Mr. Robinson, we always have a good time during rehearsals, and music is a great way to connect with yourself and others.”

Overall, it was a great night of music where State High students got to show their musical gifts. The groups will now begin to work on their pieces for their spring concert on May 1st.