5 New Restaurants Open in State College


Grace Roeshot

The MexiQue and the Farmers Market pizzas on display at Snap Pizza. Snap Pizza opened in the fall of 2018 and is popular among State High students.

Grace Roeshot, Online Newspaper Co-Editor-In-Chief

Auntie Anne’s leaves the Nittany Mall. Herwig’s downtown closes its doors. The classic College Diner ceases operation. Stay Sushi closes in September after 21 years of business. Zola Kitchen and Wine Bar serves its final customers in late summer. Peace Love and Little Donuts closes after a year in State College. Little Caesars’ lease runs out, and they do not renew (StateCollege.com).

It seems like all restaurants in State College either retire or become overtaken by student high-rises. Although Happy Valley lacks some beloved local flavors, not all is lost. 2018 brought an astounding number of new, unique restaurants to town.

In the fall of 2018, Snap Pizza, a small Philadelphia-based custom pizza franchise, replaced Herwig’s Austrian Bistro next to the State Theatre. Herwig’s, known for its authentic central-European menu, shut down early this summer due to personal health issues reported by owner, Bernd Brandstatter. Snap Pizza swooped in to open its first location outside of Philadelphia and its suburbs (as well as one Delaware location). They specialize in custom-made-pizzas in addition to a full menu of “Signature Pizzas” like the Margherita, Mexique, and Mac ‘N’ Cheese pizzas. Snap also offers “Grain Bowls” which are grain-based bowls filled with vegetables, chicken, and delicious toppings. In its opening months, State High and PSU students flooded the restaurant, spilling the line out onto the sidewalk. Suffice it to say, Snap Pizza attracts a wide range of customers.

After months of anticipation, students can now get their acai bowl fix at the newly-opened Playa Bowls on East Calder Way. Playa Bowls menu includes acai, pitaya, banana, chia pudding, green, coconut, and oatmeal bowls, as well as juices and smoothies. Similarly, Frutta Bowls is opening soon on Beaver Avenue. Frutta Bowls specializes in similar foods, but also serves different toasts like the “Go Bananas” with peanut butter, banana slices, honey, and chia seeds and the “Go Figure” which is topped with a brie and fig spread. The acai bowl trend has swept Instagram and major U.S. cities in the past few years, so State College residents will be pleased to take part in the trend.  

Bistrozine opened its doors in July of 2018. Their 409 East Calder Way location adds to the diverse growing food scene in that area. Bistrozine’s distinctively unique menu separates them from the typical college town restaurant. Dishes such as the “Ocean Explosion,” composed of a wonton skin-wrapped seafood paste with a side of sweet and spicy aioli drizzled-guacamole, the inventive “Bacon Cheeseburger Dumpling,” and the “Hol-ee Mol-ee” toast (a french toast style cinnamon brioche slice filled with nutella, topped with a grilled banana, oreo crumbs, whipped cream, and chocolate ice cream) make Bistrozine stand out.

Even though Peace Love and Little Donuts is closing, don’t fret–Duck Donuts is around to stay. Opened in the Spring of 2018, Duck Donuts has locations across the United States. They sell classic donuts like the cinnamon sugar, the vanilla iced (with toffee crunch and a chocolate drizzle), and the peanut butter iced donut. What makes Duck Donuts special are their made-to-order donuts. Customers can choose from eleven different coatings, eight different toppings, and four different drizzles. Duck Donuts can be found in the MLK plaza across from Federal Taphouse.

Even though many beloved restaurants closed this year, the future of State College food is looking bright.  

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