Diversity and Activism Club Takes Off!


Photo by Emma Rockey

Diversity and Activism Club brainstorms ideas and initiatives they would like to participate in this year. Last year, the club sponsored movie nights, open mic nights, a car wash, and voting registration for students. “We would like to do similar things this year, but we’d like to do much more. This includes a charity gala for the Trevor Project, which we are looking forward to,” said club president Sydnee Rockey.

Emma Rockey

On September 10, the Diversity and Activism club held their first meeting in room E133.  The meeting included ice breaker activities and a discussion about what the club would like to accomplish this year.  In previous years, the Diversity and Activism club has sponsored open mic nights, car washes, and various rallies held at the Allen Street Gates, in downtown State College. 

The first ten minutes of the meeting were spent on introductions. New and returning members said their names, their pronouns, and one interesting fact about them, primarily their favorite ice cream flavor. It was an afternoon full of laughter and conversation.  The officer team led the club in a brainstorming activity where everyone shared an idea or initiative they wanted to focus on, which sparked more and more conversation. Ideas bounced off of each other and there was a large list by the time the meeting had finished.  

Once everyone was introduced, club president, Sydnee Rockey, lead the club through a “step-in-activity,” consisting of a list of statements said to the members of the club, who were standing in a circle. If the statement read aloud applied to a student, they took a step into the circle and back out again. These statements ranged from which hand you write with to statements regarding gender identity and sexual orientation.  “We want this club to be fully inclusive and we want everyone to feel that this is a safe space and that they are valued members of our club; we want all of your voices to be heard,” Rockey explained. 

For students looking to get involved in activism or wanting their voices to be heard, Diversity and Activism club meetings will be held every other Tuesday from 3:50-5:00 in room E133.