A Homecoming Parade to Remember


Sydnee Rockey

The State High Marching Band leads the parade greeted by excited community members ready to cheer them on. Spectators were spread along the parade route, some even set up tailgate-style in their front yards, inviting people over to eat and catch up before the parade.

Sydnee Rockey, Staff Writer

This year’s State High Homecoming Parade took place on Thursday, October 10th. The parade was different from past years in that there was a new route for the parade this year. Due to the construction on Memorial Field, the route had to be changed in order to accommodate the need to stay close to the football field for the post-parade pep rally. The change in location did not stop the State College community from coming out and showing their school spirit.

Before the parade started, floats and parade participants lined up in two locations. A majority of floats were set up in the bus loop behind the school. The other participants were set up in the parking lot in front of the Delta building. The groups set up in the parking lot included the State High Marching Band, fire trucks, ambulances, homecoming court Jeeps, and the SCAEA teachers float. Leading the parade were police officers and the Grand Marshal. They were closely followed by Superintendent of Schools Bob O’Donnell, the State High Marching Band, and Alumni Band. When they turned onto the road they were greeted with shrieks of joy and enthusiasm from hundreds of community members, many of whom were sitting with open bags, ready for candy. The first group to throw candy was SCAEA (State College Area Education Association), and screams were heard from parade spectators calling out to teachers that they recognized or had. The teachers also handed out American flags during the event — and were accompanied by family members (dogs included). 

Sydnee Rockey
State College teachers prepare to march with SCAEA. They started walking in the parade back when they didn’t have a district contract and have taken part in the parade every year since. They were accompanied in the parade by family members (dogs included). The sign they carried reads “Proud of our Students. Proud to be Educators.”

“When I see the marching band and the twirling core, and the silks [I am reminded of my State High experience],” State High Class of 1983 alum, Wendy Davidson, said. “It’s just really nice to see all of the kids having a good time celebrating their school.” Davidson still attends the parade every year, oftentimes with her mother, Betsy Wiser, who graduated from State High in 1960. Her son Hayden Davidson graduated from State High last year as well and often participated in the parade on the boys Cross Country team float. 

This year’s Homecoming Court was present throughout the parade. All the couples were standing in roofless Jeeps and were spread throughout the parade. Sports teams like cross country, soccer, tennis, swim team, etc. all came up with ideas around the central theme of “All the Places You Will Go in 20-2-0!” The parade concluded with the golf float. The State High Thespians took the Doctor Suess inspired theme to the next level with a Seussical float. They sang “All the Things You Can Think” and dressed in colorful Who-inspired clothing. The seniors on the float dressed as characters from the musical.  

“Being a part of the homecoming parade as a member of the homecoming court was such a fun and exhilarating experience,” Aubrey Zuech, a member of the Homecoming Court, said. “It was a little nerve-wracking at first when we started driving and I saw so many people lining the streets. I saw so many of the kids I coach for summer swim team and heard so many people yelling for us which really made me feel like I was a part of a little community. Graham and I had a really good time dancing around and throwing candy to everyone and I loved representing State High at the parade.”

Sydnee Rockey
Aubrey Zuech (left) and Graham Fetterolf (right) pictured at the pep rally after the parade post being introduced as homecoming court members. “Aubrey and I just turned up the music and just had a good time. I will indeed remember it for the rest of my life,” said Fetterolf. “Being apart of the homecoming parade as a member of the homecoming court was such a fun and exhilarating experience,” said Zuech.

“I loved it, I was nervous beforehand but before the parade started Mr. Kissell came up and told us that we would remember the parade for the rest of our lives,” fellow Homecoming Court member Graham Fetterolf said, “Aubrey and I just turned up the music and just had a good time. I will indeed remember it for the rest of my life.”