9th Grade Football: SC vs. CD


Jack Berezinak

QB Ian Brandt throws a pass. The Lions won in a 20 to 19 victory against Central Dauphin. “Coming out of half time it felt like we were ready to come back and win,” center Isaac Mellot said after the game.

Logan Milito, Staff Writer

The State High 9th grade football team beat the Central Dauphin 9th grade team in a comeback victory. This victory puts the Little Lions at a 3-2 record while leaving the Rams 1-5. 

Uniform Matchup: The Little Lions wore the classic white away uniform with “State” on the front and their maroon helmets. They also wore white pants with the State sticker on the side. The Rams wore dark green uniforms with green helmets with a similar helmet design to the Los Angeles Rams.

Location and Time: The game was played at Central Dauphin High School, not at the original location, Landis Field. The game started at 4:00 p.m. ET and ended at 5:30 p.m. 

Game Analysis: Coming into the game the Little Lions were 2-2. They started the season with two consecutive losses. One coming to Hollidaysburg in a 15-14 loss and they lost to Carlisle 66-6. They won their next two games–one against Central Dauphin East 20-7, and Harrisburgh 21-6. Their most recent victory was a come from behind win 20-19. State College only lead in the game for the last two minutes. 

In the first quarter, the Rams took an early lead 6-0 only taking seven plays to score but missing the PAT. After trading drives the Little Lions go the ball at the 33-yard line they punched it in for six, it was called back for a 10-yard holding penalty and another 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. 

“It didn’t look like holding from the sideline,” defensive end Kevin McKenna said. “I think there was a reason to be upset about the call.” State College was now back at the 45-yard line. It was first down and twenty-three yards to go. They gained eleven yards on first, only three yards on second down. It was third down and nine when Matt Wall ran for a touchdown to tie up the game at 7. With only three minutes left in the half Central Dauphin drove down the field and took the lead and made the PAT making it 13-7 going into half time. 

“Coming out of half time it felt like we were ready to come back and win,” center Isaac Mellot said after the game.

The Little Lions got the ball to start the half but they went three and out and had to punt. Central Dauphin started at midfield for their first drive of the second half and drove down the field and scored on a touchdown run from their Quarterback. The Rams took the lead 19-7 missing the PAT but taking the twelve-point lead. The next drive State College came out ready. State College drove down the field and scored. A touchdown pass from Ian Brandt to Carter Williams put the Lions at a 19-13 deficit after missing the extra point. The defense needed to make a stand. After Cental Dauphin drove down to midfield, the State College defense made a stand. The Rams didn’t punt but went for a touchdown on fourth down. State College had five minutes to score and after taking three minutes, Wall punched it in for six. The game was tied 19-19 awaiting the extra point. It was kicked right down the middle and the State College sideline erupted in a 20-19 lead, the first time State College had led all day. Central Dauphin had two minutes to score but on their third play, Carter Williams picked off a rainbow from the CD Quarterback.

State College took a kneel and just like that the Little Lions had completed the comeback and won 20-19. “I believed in our guys and they believed in themselves,” head coach Clark said. “I’m really proud of our guys and how they fought through the adversity.” The Little Lions improved their record to 3-2 with this 20-19 comeback victory while Central Dauphin fell to 1-5.