Oh Deer!


Photo courtesy of Michael Hraba

Brandon Giedroc and Conor Camazine

On Tuesday, State High had an unusual guest. Mr. Donoughe, an Earth Systems Science teacher, was driving to school when he hit a deer in Sinking Valley, in spite of his efforts to avoid the deer.

Unlike what most people would do, which would be to leave it on the road, he decided to put it in the back of his old Protege. Although you may think it’s illegal, “It’s legal to keep a road-killed deer as long as the person in possession of the deer notifies the Pa. Game Commission and receives a permit.”

People walking to their classes saw the deer’s head hanging out the back of the trunk of the damaged car. Mr. Donoughe made sure the dear did not go to waste, however. Mr. Donoughe used his knowledge and “skinned and quartered the meat of the deer,” which he will turn into burgers and jerky. Little goes to waste as Mr. Donoughe is expecting upwards of “40-50 pounds of very lean, non-medicated, non-GMO, free-range, very healthful, and really delicious meat.”

Although students may think Mr. Donoughe has a, “trophy room dedicated to road-kills,” with, “Mounted animals, broken headlights and dented fenders adorn the walls.  Each one tells a unique story of meals eaten and cars junked,” Mr. Donoughe denies this rumor.

His old Protege, (with 244,000+ miles), will be greatly missed.