How do ESL students celebrate the Easter?

Joao De Araujo, Staff Writer

Joao De Araujo

March 26, 2018


In the United States the easter is a very common party, most families celebrate it because of the religion, or just to buy a chocolate easter egg.

But do you know how people from other countries celebrate that famous party? Do you want to know if they celebrate it? Or if they know what it is? Today I will interview 3 ESL students, and you will know what they know about it and how they celebrate it. (if they celebrate it)


Sophomore, Albaraa Alshabanat from Saudi Arabia, said, “Before I move to the United States I had no idea about what is the easter. Now I don’t that is a celebration in christianism, but I don’t have much information. In my country we don’t celebrate the easter because everyone there is muslim. Senior, Laith Hayajneh, from Jordan said, “In my country we do the same things as Albaraa’s, we don’t celebrate the easter and I just found out what it is because of the chocolate eggs, but I don’t know the relationship between Easter and religion.

Junior, Harsin Bird, from Nicaragua said, “I knew what is the easter before move to the United States, more than half of the population of my country are catholics, so a lot of people celebrate the Easter in my country.”


After this interview with them, they said that don’t pretend to buy easter eggs on sunday.