Lauren Marshall: The Incoming Sophomore Senate President


Poppy Rusca, Staff Writer

The determined, kind and motivated Lauren Marshall has been elected by the class of 2025 as the incoming sophomore senate president. She is excited to make the 2022-2023 school year the best it can be, and already has goals for the upcoming school year. 


Marshall has been set on running for president since before she even came to State High. “I was actually inspired to run for president by a friend before freshman year,” Marshall said. She had also been involved with the student senate this year at State High. She enjoyed the experience, but knew that running for sophomore senate president would be the next step. “I really enjoyed observing, even though I was not able to do as much. This inspired me to run for sophomore senate so I am able to contribute.” 


Marshall is focused on the communal aspect of State High. She wants everyone’s opinions and ideas to be heard in the student senate, and aims to make this a reality through her time as president. Marshall interacts with many different people on a daily basis and is a close friend to many. She plans to use this strength to her advantage by taking into account as many people’s ideas for State High as possible. “I am a determined and creative person who has a wide variety of people I talk to. This will allow as many people as possible to contribute their thoughts,” Marshall said. 


Marshall will also prioritize school dances, which are an essential part of the State High experience. “One of my goals is to have a successful homecoming dance,” said Marshall. Another ambition Marshall has for next year is to have a spring dance for the underclassmen. 


Although the current school year hasn’t come to a close quite yet, Marshall already knows what direction she is leading State High in this upcoming school year. “I truly just want to help create a better class community so everyone feels comfortable coming to school, as well as helping ensure everyone has the resources they need.”